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April 30, 2021
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Zedge Wallpapers: a world of possibilities for your cell phone

It is undeniable that our cell phones have literally become our best friends. After all, they carry much of our entertainment, perform tasks vital to our day, such as communicating with friends, in addition to other activities related to our careers.

And, as it should be for you too, we just don’t let go of it. However, as time passes, technology evolves and, normally, we are no longer very satisfied with what we have. It’s time to change devices.

Unfortunately, things are not so easy and many new phones are too expensive. The good news, however, is that the real reason, most of the time, that makes us want to change devices is not linked to the performance of what we have, but to the fact that we are tired of the look of it.


So, why not customize it? Besides being more beautiful, you can still make it much more functional. We have already brought some options before, like the X Icon Changer, but that focuses on only one aspect. Want to know how to personalize your entire device?

With Zedge APK . Discover in the lines below a way to revive the brightness of your cell phone, the same (or better) than the moment when you bought it.

What is the Zedge app?

It is a tool developed in order to offer a wide variety of customizations for your cell phone, in order to leave you with an operating system, icons, ringing tones and other points like new. In addition, as we will show later, you can still use many features of Zedge Premium to make your phone even more functional for your interests.

Time to see what we can do with this application.

What does the Zedge Premium APK offer us?

Personalization is the tone of the application. In this way, the app brings a large library of templates, themes, tones and more to make your phone unique. You can be sure that you will be very successful with friends.


To better understand what you will be able to revolutionize on your device, we will divide our analysis into topics. Starting, of course, with the general experience of using, above all, the tool for the first time.


The experience is very fluid, even after spending hours trying out different settings, themes and other functions of the application, we had no problems with heating or locking the device.

In addition, the developers were very happy to create a very intuitive solution. The interface is very friendly, with all the resources always at hand and very simple to apply. Even if it’s your first time, there will be no problem getting the best out of the app .


Although it is possible to touch much more than some aspects of appearance, this is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about customizing anything. The main features of this category are:


  • Large library of themes: the papers, button shapes, icon templates and other aspects of the operating system depend on the chosen theme. The application brings a wide variety of them, which makes Zedge wallpapers many, for all tastes. It also includes animated themes;
  • Image editor: One of the problems when working with images to use on our devices is the size. After all, you need certain measurements so that the chosen image is perfect for that screen. This feature allows you to crop, rotate and much more, so that you get the result you want and don’t need to look for another image;
  • Professional optimization: Zedge Premium APK also has adjustments that make it very fast and efficient. For example, to make sure that that is the theme that looks best on your device according to your taste, you can preview it before choosing. If not, just choose another one. In addition, all libraries are organized into sections to make your life easier;
  • Personalization of icons: although it is convenient to keep some original items, so that we do not get confused when opening an app, some of them are tiring and very beaten, such as those for e-mail, calendar, time and others. With Zedge, you can modify them and make your phone even more attractive;


But, it is not only in appearance that he lives. With Zedge ringtones – or ringing tones – you’ll change the way your device sounds.

Audio and call tones

Are there any warning sounds, whether from an application, a notification or anything from the Android operating system that irritates you? Well, here is the solution. Check out the audio features that Zedge APK offers:

  • Many options:  are MILLIONS of ringtones, notification sounds, alarms and more available to choose from. No, you didn’t read it wrong, nor did we write it wrong. There are even millions;
  • Personalize contact:  you can set certain sounds for a contact’s specific ringtones, messages and notifications. This way, it is possible to know when he is trying to talk to you without even looking at your device;
  • My Zedge:  a special function that allows you to save all the customizations you like best and can access them from any other device. So, even if, in fact, you change your cell phone at some point, you can continue with your favorite tones (and themes);


As we saw, when downloading Zedge, you can not only make your phone more beautiful, but also much more functional, with the application of music and images defined exclusively for certain contacts. Do not waste any more time answering unwanted calls or respond immediately to messages from family, friends or love, knowing that they are them by the simple touch of your cell phone.

Do you have any idea how to leave your cell phone?

Download Zedge for Android free and revitalize your mobile device

With the Zedge Pro APK you not only make your phone more beautiful and elegant, but also make it much more optimized for your use. In addition to all this, you still end up saving good money, since you will not need to change your phone anytime soon.

All of this is ready for you to try by clicking on our secure links and downloading Zedge. Why not try? It’s our recommendation, it’s free.


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