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June 3, 2021
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In a world after Weak Leaks and Edward Snowden’s disclosures, as well as the use of Facebook data for worldwide elections, internet security has become an almost mandatory item.

Where before the concern was linked to the potential damage that digital attackers could do, Internet users are now increasingly concerned about what marketing tools and social networks can do with the collection of their data.

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As a response to this silent invasion of privacy, VPN tools – Virtual Private Network (for access security) and encryption have gained the public’s liking.

TSL Tunnel is a tool that provides access to a secure VPN connection for free. Despite the zero cost, the app, available for Android, doesn’t disappoint and can even be used for games, which is unusual for free and easy-to-access apps.

What is TLS Tunnel?

TLS Tunnel is a free app that provides a free VPN. Its main objective is to provide a free, encrypted connection, able to safely cross surveillance obstacles common to internet providers. In this way, the user’s privacy will be guaranteed for various purposes, such as access to banks and other sensitive systems.

One of the biggest concerns for anyone using a VPN is the breadth of server locations. TLS Tunnel has official servers. They are users of a particular protocol known as TLSVPN. It’s a simple feature, but it’s capable of securing connections through TLS 1.3 and if you prefer TLS 1.2.

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TLS is the same feature used on websites that have the HTTPS protocol with certificates. This is able to avoid multiple levels of interception at considerable levels. Which is super cool for a free tool.

Speaking of free of charge, no registration, data collection, or payment is required to use this tool. All you will need, in addition to the installed application, will be an internet connection on your smartphone and minimal knowledge to be able to access the restrictions potentially imposed in case of access blocking.

Below, we describe some of the main accessory features available in the TLS Tunnel APK.

TLS Tunnel Features?

Even with such competence in providing a quality VPN connection, the TLS Tunnel has several features that are real “hands-on” when configuring your VPN or getting better performance. Check out:


There are two themes available. A light (default) and a dark theme, which can be selected in the app settings.

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For those who like to access the feature at night or don’t want to be noticed, the feature emits low light and is also ideal for those who really like dark subjects.


Sometimes, depending on where you are, a little help with the connection may be needed. This is especially true if you are using an intranet. Thus, having automatic reconnection features, intranet access, and TLS (as the app’s name says), are essential.

Automatic reconnection

When enabled, the function allows the application to automatically reconnect when the connection is lost. If you prefer the IP location to be changed, keep the option disabled.

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Intranet access

It is possible to access the IPs of other users, even if they are connected to the same server via Intranet.

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Use of TLS 1.2

When enabled, this option blocks the TLS 1.3 protocol (of official servers) and connects via TLS 1.2.

TCP without delay

With the TCP option enabled, it is possible to reduce ping in games by up to 15 milliseconds. It seems like little, but it isn’t. You will be amazed. When not playing, it is recommended to keep this option disabled.


Enable data compression when connecting to the private server (SSH). It will improve your connection speed. However, the function will depend on a higher battery drain caused by data processing.

DNS forwarding

If enabled, the option redirects DNS requests to the remote server. In case of deactivation, DNS requests will be resolved by the local system.

tls tunnel files



By enabling this option, the battery will vibrate whenever there is an established connection or disconnection.

CPU always on

The option keeps the CPU (Processing Unit) always active during VPN access.


Update notice

The option notifies the user whenever a new version of TLS Tunnel is released and made available for download.

Is TLS Tunnel good?

Yes. The app delivers what it promises and is able to deliver a pretty decent connection, even for a free app.

tls tunnel apk download

TLS Tunnel APK settings are very functional. In other words, the application wastes no time and goes straight to the point in satisfying the basic needs of novice and intermediate users.

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So, if you need to have an interesting VPN feature for basic needs such as access to banks, unsafe sites, cryptocurrency exchanges or games where you interact with users from all over the world, it is an excellent option.

Download TLS Tunnel APK now and ensure a quality connection. The download can be done below.


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