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April 29, 2021
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Description for Dress up Time Princess

What would you do if you could change the destiny of a story? Would you be willing to chart a future with someone you love or would you direct your life in other ways? The Android application Dress Up! Time Princess allows you to make decisions about the direction of a story so that it builds a happy ending.

A game for all ages

At first, the game slightly escapes the eye because it reminds a lot of princess games available for children. The big eyes of the characters even resemble anime characters. But they just remember.
In a deeper look, the application offers excellent RPG-style gameplay, capable of capturing the user’s attention by taking him or her into a magical world of surprising stories.

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A captivating character

In the game, the character is on vacation. She visited her grandfather in a small town called Paradise Town. In order to leave her alone so that she could interact with her grandfather, her mother leaves her playing in her old room. The game initially takes place wearing clothes that belonged to his mother.
At that moment, Dress Up! Time Princess takes on the look of dress-up games like Love Nikki. However, the clothes in this game are based on rare items. The rarer the clothing options, the higher the scores attributed to the winner of each stage.
Thus, the game bets heavily on personalizing the character. The player is able, in addition to choosing clothes, to customize the appearance of his heroine, being able to change the skin tone, the hair, among other attributes. Despite the high customization, the controls are simple and very intuitive.

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Super engaging stories

The experience provided by the game’s historical script is quite immersive. In addition to dressing at each stage, it is possible to interact with other characters. Initially, you will migrate from your mother’s old room to the body of Marie Antoinette and will come to life in this character before the well-known scandals caused by her. You will also focus on your romances and love interests.
Do not worry. If you know absolutely nothing about Marie Antoinette or the 18th-century context, the game will provide you with all the necessary information. Visually, informational elements are highlighted in blue. They will provide additional context for you to be able to make the best decisions.

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Choose carefully. With each decision made, the main direction of the story is changed. Although the game allows you to take a step back and undo the decisions you have made, it is much more immersive to bear the consequences of each stopping point.
For those interested in going through the flow of the script as it is presented (without laps), you will be surprised. Each scene has its own cadence, being well rhymed. Inside Dress Up! Time Princess APK, each supporting character is known as a companion.
As the story progresses, the “goodwill” of each partner evolves with the passage of the script. This will directly affect your progress on your journey. This is one of the few games to emphasize the attribute of “goodwill” to a supporting character. Use this to your advantage.

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During the game, you may need to purchase some items such as clothes and accessories. Despite this action “breaking” your game a little, it is necessary for some moments. However, this does not affect the charm and magic of Dress Up! Time Princess APK, which remains an excellent game of stories, fashion, and RPG.

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Dress Up! Princess Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Enjoy the best in Dress Up! Princess APK for Android. The stories are incredible, the characters are captivating and the choices and the final destination are up to you. When using the alternative version of the game (Dress Up! Princess Mod APK), you will use the money in an unlimited way and will not lose any of the game’s functions.

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