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April 30, 2021
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The Sims Freeplay APK: the most spectacular real-life simulation game for mobile

A few years ago, we were introduced to the fantastic world of The Sims game, at that time, for computers. The success was immediate, since the proposal to control a character who faced exactly the same difficulties and delights of our real lives was unprecedented.

The success was so overwhelming that the franchise won many other chapters, with different scenarios and proposals, but always with the same idea. Although, of course, other games came later with similar gameplay , none have been able to repeat what The Sims did.



Unfortunately, for a long time, only computers were presented with a challenge so well done in this proposal. But, this is over. Meet The Sims Freeplay 2021 : the best of that title redesigned especially for mobile. Today is for sure: you will fall in love with this experience.

And, if you didn’t know this game yet – not even the original computer game, get ready to add your newest gaming addiction to your life. It’s just fantastic and one of the most fun game types on the internet.

Enough nonsense, let’s understand what this adventure is about.

The Sims Freeplay Update Update

Like its predecessor, it is a real-life simulation game, but with some tweaks that made it even cooler. Originally, your challenge was to control a Sim – the name given to the beings that represent humans in the game – and to make sure that he had a good life.

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Therefore, you needed to study, work, eat, fall in love and virtually go through all the challenges that we face in reality. Now, the proposal has been taken to a new level: you will control an entire city of Sims.


In addition to making them have a fantastic life, developing diverse skills, achieving professional success, making them find true love and much more, you are still tasked with building the whole city in which they will live.

The options for buildings and types of developments that you can distribute within your city limits are limited to your imagination and planning. Think carefully and offer a variety of services, from car dealerships to a petshop .

Your creativity and planning are the keys to success. To get an idea of ​​what we are talking about, nothing better than bringing some positive points in which this game has definitely reached a new level.

Some highlights of The Sims Freeplay Infinite

The way the game was carefully designed, with audios that simulate conversations and, although they are not in any real language, perfectly convey the idea of ​​two people loving each other, playing, fighting or whatever they are doing.


The graphics are beautiful, full of colors and, if you are a person with a well developed architect side, your city will be, who knows, the new Paris. Just make the right choices and get your cachola up and running.

But, without a doubt, the flagship of the endeavor is the way of playing, which combines realism, many challenges, without bringing complex commands and that end up alienating the players. The challenge, like that of our life, is to be happy and make an entire city like this.

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See a list of the pros that deserve mention:

  • What is an adventurous life for you? : If you are not the type of person looking for a pansy, this game is also for you. After all, the decisions are yours and, if you want, you can be a bully who fights around the city.
  • Make each being special : your city can grow a lot, both in structure and in inhabitants. So take care of all the Sims that inhabit your corner and enjoy the best of their unique personality.
  • Happiness is the key : a life of professional achievements, the love of your life, free time, travel, art and everything else you need. Each Sim has different demands and, in order to succeed in this endeavor, you must monitor the happiness of each of your own.


Don’t run out yet. We know that, regardless of whether you have heard of the game or not, you are eager to test it now on its mobile version. But, we have a conclusion to end the matter in style.

Our verdict on The Sims Freeplay Update

Our version of this game that was, and is, a phenomenon has redesigned the adventure, which was already fascinating, and made it even richer and, especially, optimized for Android phones. Any device, with a few gigs of space and version 4.1 or higher of the system should be enough to offer a good experience.

Remember that the game receives a lot of updates, which may require a larger future storage space. In addition, there is also a need for a stable internet connection.

Even if it has such requirements, the fun and addiction it offers are more than enough rewards. It is one of those titles that will soon be among the most downloaded from the official Google store, without a doubt.

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So don’t waste any more time.

Download The Sims Freeplay infinite money and have the best real life simulator on your mobile

Download The Sims Freeplay now and prove that you are the perfect person to bring a whole community to life of joy. Take care of many people and build a fantastic city that will make your community the happiest in the Sims world.

Don’t forget to come back to our space and share a little bit of your experience in this fantastic game . It is the best way to align our recommendations to your tastes and continue to produce top quality material for our readers.


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