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DESCRIPTION about Smartflix

Since the mid-1990s, with the spread of the internet around the world, humans are increasingly connected. Not always with each other, but connected with information, news and also by films and series.

Advances in internet technologies have allowed that, even from home, a person could watch their favorite movie through the computer as if it were a video store. And if before people needed to go to watch their favorite films, today this is optional and almost a habit in extinction.


One of the most prominent players in the streaming market, definitely, is Netflix. The giant snapped up a large slice of the world market and made big companies like Disney, HBO, Telecine, among others quite uncomfortable.

As a result, several other mobile streaming options have emerged, such as Smartflix. Through it, you can watch your favorite movies, series, anime and documentaries without leaving home and at the touch of your fingers: it works right from your Android smartphone.

What is Smartflix?

Smartflix is ​​an application capable of making available the most popular movies, anime and series at the moment. Through it, you can watch series available only on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

So, even if you don’t have an active Netflix account, it is possible to be enchanted and thrilled by that favorite series of yours that you so much wanted to marathon.


The operation of the app is quite simple. The graphical interface is very practical. Just slide your finger over the available catalog, choose between the original and dubbed versions and click on Watch.

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As it is always good to know a little more about the tool you want to use, we leave below some of the various features present in Smartflix APK.

Smartflix features

Notifications of new content – Do you know that favorite series of yours? You can now receive notifications about new seasons and episodes with Smartix Mod APK. Thus, you will not be left out of the new content for lack of notice.

The contents of the moment – With this app you will always have access to the latest content of the seventh art that are made available on the biggest streaming platforms. It works as an aggregator, so instead of having multiple registrations on these platforms, you will be able to watch quality content in one place.


Offline content – The Smartflix app allows you to download movies and series to be watched without an internet connection. The coolest thing is that it is possible to download it to your cell phone or to folders on other devices. A super valid resource for those who want to watch content on larger screens and do not want to waste time passing data to a thumb drive or other media.

Download media to watch offline – Nothing better than taking that superb trip while watching your favorite movie or series. For this to happen, it is essential that you can download the videos to be watched offline directly from the Smartflix Mod APK app. Just download to enjoy your movies and series on your Android platform for free.

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Chromecast pairing – Although SmartTVs have highlighted their presence in several homes around the world, there are still people who have TVs that are not smart. Thus, Chromecast is a fundamental tool for accessing dynamic content. Smartfix Mod APK allows users to pair the app with the device so that they get even greater interaction capacity.

Favorite system – Nothing better than to mark that movie that made you laugh, get emotional or cry. This gives you the opportunity to share something that has given you so much emotion with other people. Thus, marking by using the favorites system allows you to “save” your favorite movies and series.


Choice of media by genre – Sometimes you come home from work and just want to watch a movie. If you are stressed out, you can opt for a romance or a comedy; if you are bored, you can access an adventure or a movie classic.

That is why the choice of films by genre is so important. It facilitates the choice according to the topic or the mood of the viewer.

Notification of launches. Just imagine not missing any releases or new seasons for your favorite series? Just set up the notification panel about your favorite series and you’re done!

Film marking. Sometimes you watch a movie and like it, but after a while you don’t remember watching it. On traditional streaming platforms it is not always possible to know whether you have watched a movie or not.


So that you don’t waste your precious time watching a movie who doesn’t remember seeing it, Smartflix APK allows you to bookmark the movies you’ve already watched. Not cool?

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Smartflix Mod APK – No Ads!

Enjoy the best media resources today. There are hundreds of films, series and documentaries for you to watch without restrictions: just access, click and enjoy. You can even download them and watch them offline, bookmark your favorite movies and even be notified when a series launches a new season or when a long-awaited movie appears on the platform.

Enjoy moments of unlimited fun and entertainment by downloading the Smartflix Mod APK. The world of streaming is in your hands!


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