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June 8, 2021
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SimCity BuildIt APK: Can you build and lead your city to progress?

One of the most loved games in the city building and management simulator series, downloading SimCity BuildIt will surely make you stick to your small screen and become the most beloved mayor in history.

The franchise stood out, in particular, for the trademarks of the games it makes, such as the intuitiveness of the functions, the well-arranged graphics, and, of course, those particularities that we already know, such as natural disasters, alien invasions and many other challenges.

Your journey here starts with choosing land, thinking about and executing all public services, such as water, electricity and others, developing and improving houses, runways, industries, public buildings, and much more. Oh, don’t forget about the police services, justice, the city’s public administration. In short, a truly complete experience for those who already thought they could make their cities a better place.


More than just knowing and falling in love with this title, we made this article to give you that push with precious tips that apply to all mayors, experienced (or should we say re-elected?) or those who will embark on their journeys now.

5 Essential Tips To Be A Good SimCity BuildIt Prefect

One buzz of the game is that, in order to be a successful mayor, you don’t need to invest your own resources. However, this does not mean that it can do things anyway, given the countless challenges that lie ahead, with a demanding population that accepts nothing less than the best.

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To succeed, remember: organization and resources are the foundation of everything. By the way, by the way, if you want to have much more and in a very organized way on your cell phone, you can check out a special recommendation we’ve already made in our space: the AC Market APK

Now, let’s get to the tips.

Optimize basic service builds

To lead your city to success, it is important, of course, to offer all essential public services, such as water and electricity. What few mayors understand is that the generators of these resources are capable of supplying a certain number of buildings.


So use them smartly. The example we have here is that of water tanks. The game’s algorithm ensures that each of them supplies precisely eight houses. This way, if your city currently has nine of them, you will underutilize one resource, as you will need two boxes, but the second one will only supply one person.

The same goes for hydroelectric plants or wind power pinwheels. Therefore, analyze your demand, before going out investing in these resources unnecessarily. By the way, here’s a bonus tip: remember that power plants pollute, and they shouldn’t be near residential areas. Likewise, do the math before betting on wind energy, since its implementation is more expensive.

Think your city around policing, fire and health

As with all game features, a police station, hospital or fire station caters to a limited audience. There are 8×8 or 12×12 options. In this way, think about the growth of your city in a way that it does not have two headquarters of these services serving the same area, or even leave a region devoid of these goods.

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First, bet on improving, not growing

When you bet on building a huge house, in order to bring more inhabitants to your city, you automatically bring a huge increase in demand for services and public resources. Also, construction is expensive and you can end up with a lot of dead work.

So, in the beginning, bet on improving the houses, instead of having more of them. So more residents will be able to live in your city, which means more taxes and more revenue for the city. But, without needing to offer more services, as they are accounted for by constructions.

Keep your city organized

One of the advantages of downloading SimCity BuildIt, compared to real life, is the possibility to rearrange your city. This means that as it grows, you can relocate buildings, change roads, evacuate factories, and much more.


With the growth of your city, evidently, some buildings that were vital, will present problems or, at the very least, will be obsolete. You can tinker with them, normally, free of charge. In addition, in the case of factories, it is also possible to receive money back, or, if you prefer, you can also store them in a shed for later use.

Of course, their humor is vital to the success of your management and your city. But, there is one more secret there. Interactions between residents generate balloons, often with funny messages. If you click on them, you will receive rewards.

They may be minimal, it’s true, but they can also be valuable items for your city’s SimCash. Pay attention as, among other things, these balloons can be demands that your audience wants to make, such as selling stuff that’s stopped at your municipal warehouse.

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Now, it’s time to show you’re a top-notch politician and get infinite cash in SimCity BuildIt APK 2021. Are you ready to venture into a world full of people ready to charge you?
Perhaps the City Hall is, of all, the public office that allows the politician, in fact, when he exercises it correctly, to change people’s lives. – ACM Neto – Former Chief of Salvador/BA

Download SimCity BuildIt and make your city (who knows?) the new Paris

Enjoy and embark on this exciting adventure of planning, architecture, urbanism and, of course, lots of strategy with SimCity BuildIt APK Mod. Without fear of making mistakes, you won’t be able to leave your cell phone anytime soon. We, at least, haven’t done it yet.


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