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Score Hero, downloadable for Android, is a football strategy game available for free on Android. The game performs very well even on small screens and demonstrates incredibly simple gameplay. To play, just swipe your finger across the screen to outline the ball’s path.

Being released in 2015 by the First Score, the game has already evolved a lot. With a little bit of storytelling, the app traces the story of a beginner football player. Thus, your main objective will be to stand out in each match to get prominence before your coach, other players, and the public.

How does Score Hero work?

Right after installation, you will come across the word “Play”. That says a lot about the game. The learning curve is very short. At first, you will be asked to choose your player’s physiognomy from a few options. This can be edited right away if necessary.
Without much introduction, you are taken straight to the action in a short tutorial. There, the basic command of the game will be taught: the desired dashed line on the screen indicates the path the ball should follow. It will be used both in corners, advances, short and long steps, free kicks, penalties, among other moves.
As a beginner player, you will play in career mode. Through it is possible to obtain stars for the challenges presented in each game. They can be scoring a goal, assists sent to your player, or even scoring a volleyball goal.
Up to three stars can be earned in each match. If you don’t get all of them, you can return until your goals are achieved. And if you make an incorrect move, there is the ability to “rewind” the move, as if it were in a movie.
However, use the resource with caution, it costs some coins that are available in the game. Getting them is not easy unless you buy them for real money.

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score hero apk android download

The Graphics of Score Hero APK

The graphic identity of the game is satisfactory. There is nothing surprising, but the game is so down to earth and so focused on the action that this detail goes unnoticed. There are some VTs of players entering the pitch, coaches, and reps worthy of the best live game broadcasts.
Right after the download, from the start screen, the Score Hero APK takes place most of the time in the 3D environment. There are no apparent flaws or bugs. The gameplay runs smoothly and the ball’s path is highlighted with a yellow streak.
The player edition offers several possibilities, from beards, skin color, physiognomy, hair, among other additions – some of them paid, others free.

score hero android apk free download

Score Hero features

The game has more than 800 levels. Remembering that for each level it is possible to acquire up to three stars, giving a total of 2400 moves. Quite a goal.
In addition to the level track, in the middle of the road, you will face championships, change clubs, insert your name on the shirts and set off in search of your glory as a player, even starting with a small team.
It is quite valid and important to participate in tournaments. They are essential to the career of any player. The team change animations are formidable. You will love it.
Customizing your player is a case in point. He can look like you, with some familiar, famous player, or just be the avatar of your alter ego. It’s your choice.
A powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithm can adapt the layout on the screen in a consistent move, adapting the feature for passes and kicks that, depending on the position and disposition of the players, make each move unique.

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score hero mod apk game
The social aspects of the game are relevant. It is possible to associate a Facebook account with Score Hero APK to invite friends. Another very interesting feature is the synchronization of devices through Google Play Cloud. With it, progress is available even if you access the game from different smartphones.
It is an exciting game, with a very simple, but remarkable gameplay. In addition, the story, the videos, the replays, and the covers of newspapers and magazines offer another dimension to the player, making the experience practically addictive.
The conquest by the stars is a different case. It is something more than necessary and capable of offering a very differentiated engagement. Downloading Score Hero really pays off.

Score Hero Mod APK – Infinite money and life

Score Hero is simply an incredible game. Able to awaken several triggers about childhood or adolescence in the elderly and a certain nostalgia about their future in the youngest. After all, which one never dreamed of being a famous player like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Neymar?
But despite Score Hero’s high expectations, there are a few points that can make the app’s gameplay a little lower: the game’s currencies, lives, and ads. The former is necessary for evolution. Without them, it is not possible to advance the seasons (phases) available.
Lives are super important to performance. If you miss a move, your lives are consumed. As the game progresses, the matches are more complex and, with this factor, your margins of error greatly increase.

score hero mod apk android
Additionally, we have the ads. When you don’t have a lot of time or when you need money to get ahead in the game, it’s not always possible to pay for it. So many people watch the ads, even if it is an unpleasant experience, in order to have fun.
However, some people have developed an alternative to these problems. The Score Hero Mod APK promotes all the features of the app, including the infinite life and currency (money) features.
Thus, your only concern will be: to advance in the game and collect as many stars as possible. Like the idea?
Download Score Hero now with infinite money and infinite life. It is completely free.

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