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Samurai Training APK: Become a master of legendary swords

Ah, the samurai. Who never imagined at the time when the legendary Japanese swordsmen fought battles for honor, power, money and love? There are many tales, legends and films that easily stir our imagination.

And today’s game is all about that feeling: Samurai Training . So, put on your armor, sharpen your blade and get ready to put your whole heart and soul on the tip of the most powerful swords we know.

We have already brought good RPGs that combine style with action and beautiful animations, like Fate / Grand Order . But, stylized with the best of the iconic and legendary world of samurai and all the magic that they bring like it, this is the first time. And you will fall in love.

samurai training new era game
samurai training new era game

Come with us and discover everything about this incredible application that, without danger of being wrong, will occupy a prominent place on your cell phone. He doubts? Let’s try it now.

The history of Samurai Training

In the days when samurai sent and ordered in Japan, a low-class warrior – Kenji – is surprised by the disappearance of his beloved, Kanna. Desperate, Kenji enlists the help of his most beloved and talented disciple, Kazuya, to find out what happened.

The story leads us to know that a powerful samurai kidnapped her and kept her on top of a tower, protected by the most lethal warriors in the world. Now, will you be able to overcome the different levels of samurai that protect you and finally show your honor and power to Master Kenji?

The game is amazing! See a little (just a little, because it’s a lot of good to be said about the game .

Best of the latest version of Samurai Training APK

Without a doubt, history. You will even find this unfair, after downloading Samurai Training APK for free and playing for a few hours, since practically everything in the game is of rare quality and beauty.

samurai training new era download
samurai training new era download

However, the fact of gathering incredible battles, an exciting system of training and unlocking items, swords that inhabit everyone’s imagination, is only so brilliant because of the beautiful plot in which they are present. Her narrative and story are brilliantly constructed in such a way that you just can’t stop playing, always eager to know the next answer.

Narrative and gameplay

The Tower of Corruption serves as a backdrop to outline the level of difficulty, since, literally, as you climb the floors of the endless building, the level of battles and opponents scale together.

To achieve your goal, the game works as a kind of RPG, but alternates to moments of fighting games, as you need to face other samurai. In this way, plot and adrenaline, the best of each world, are constantly present throughout your journey.

And there is much more.

Graphics and special effects

We all love a good story. However, in the middle of the digital age, quality graphics and special effects are very important for the recipe to be complete. Although Samurai Training is not exactly a game designed to have the highest graphics standards, they are still far ahead of most games.

samurai training new era apk
samurai training new era apk

Undoubtedly, they are beautiful enough that your tension, battles and fun are prioritized all the time within the game.

Special Items

Samurai Training APK doesn’t seem to have forgotten anything. The developers also created a beautiful system to improve their skills, through intense and continuous training, just like what happened in ancient Japan.

As you train, you earn gold, which can be used to increase Kazuya’s skills. However, there is much more to work with, since you can craft lethal swords, to include, as we have said some legendary ones. Want examples?

  • Excalibur → the sword that was mythologically embedded in a rock and that only the most noble-hearted could draw – King Arthur – is said to be capable of cutting anything, including other swords;
  • Masamune → father of the now famous katanas , Honjo Masamune created this one that was known with one of the deadliest blades in the world. The unique style of your katana can reach up to 150 cm and its cutting power is simply unmatched;
  • Doubledragon → the sword of two dragons is feared throughout Japan for its agility, bilateral cutting power and, still, considered by many, the one that sheds more blood in the history of the samurai;
samurai training new era mod
samurai training new era mod

They are just compliments. Plenty of good stuff that you can check out for yourself now.

Download Samurai Training for Android and become the great master of the legendary swords

Do not waste any more time and take advantage of our link to the best Samurai Training APK Mod, with all the excitement that this game brings, totally without limits. In addition to the confidence and quality that you have certainly become accustomed to finding in our humble space, you can enjoy everything about the game without spending a cent. What are you waiting for?

Get ready for a lot of excitement, mysteries, twists, battles and secrets with Samurai Training.

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