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Download Rescue Machine APK - latest version - for Android free. Create amazing contraptions and characters suffering and crushed by rocks at electrifying levels
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January 26, 2021
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People are caught under a rockslide! Can you build a machine to rescue them?
Drag the pieces to connect them and make everything click!
Connect the pieces and save everyone!

Rescue Machine APK: Put your engineer side to work and save lives

Games that challenge us to understand puzzles have always been very popular and have created legions of fans around the world. All of us, more or less, have some appreciation for putting pieces together and creating great things.

Now, imagine if you had to put several pieces together and create your own contraption to save a person dying under a giant rock. Electrifying, isn’t it? For this is the central idea of ​​today’s game: the Rescue Machine APK – your engineering challenge to save lives.

Be ready for a game with many levels, different levels of complexity, a lot of emotion and a lot of strategy to solve puzzles in the form of life and death situations, with a lot of fun and logic.

Today, we are going to challenge you to be creative, fast and have a lot of logical thinking and coordination to create the most unusual gadgets and remove giant rocks from the top of poor innocent victims. After all, should you have followed the engineering field in your professional life?

All of this and much more is what we are going to check out right now.

I understand the Rescue Machine

The idea of ​​the game is to bring, in a flat and frontal camera, challenges that involve logical reasoning, creativity and time pressure. All of this stylized in situations where there will be a character dying under a giant rock.

Your challenge is to gather the pieces given by the game in each level and assemble powerful and functional gadgets, capable of removing these stones and being able to save the person in each stage, as quickly as possible.

The game, although simple, offers a wide range of difficulties and unusual challenges that literally steal your breath. In order to become one of those games that enter our mind and no longer leave, the game bets on a simple, but well maintained and planned application, as we will see.

Download Rescue Machine Mod APK 0.9.3


The graphics are simple, but well designed, with lots of animations in order to provide, in addition to the challenge itself, an experience that is easy to handle and understand. Furthermore, it helps to make the application easily run on virtually any cell phone.


An application that bets on a proposal that involves reasoning and speed needs to be impeccable in the gameplay. Exactly so is the Rescue Machine, which allows you to easily see and understand the scene, as well as being extremely intuitive when it comes to assembling your powerful life-saving contraptions.

Of course, there are many prominences in the game that hold our attention for hours on end. But, before you check with your own eyes and touch the screen, we will make a brief compilation so that you have a quick idea of ​​what to expect ahead.

The main highlights of the Rescue Machine APK

In addition to a robust set that is carefully thought out and executed in order to bring maximum fun and entertainment to you, the whole family and your friends, the game also has unique features that put it even more in evidence. These are simple things, but they are noticed immediately in the first contacts with your challenges.

Download Rescue Machine Mod APK (Unlock all skins)

  • Several stages with difficulty levels adjusted for all tastes;
  • Clean and efficient environment for quick understanding of the problem to be solved;
  • Total mobility of the pieces to allow the best of your creativity;
  • Collect valuable coins for each challenge won;
  • More than one hundred unique levels for you to crack the cuca;
  • Incredible characters and villains to be unlocked during the game;

One of the final highlights, fairly, falls on the very low technical requirements to explore the best of the game . In addition, as we will see below, it enjoys the best ratings and a great reputation among the most varied gamer audience : casual and hardcore .

Additional information about the latest version of Rescue Machine APK

Finally, the game is very light and does not require a lot of processing power from your phone. There are only 60 Mb that run on any version of the Android operating system, starting with 4.1.

In addition, the game can be found on the official Google store page , with a score of 4.2 out of a total of 5 possible points. There are already more than five million downloads and another thirty thousand reviews that prove the quality of the game and the representativeness of the community of its lovers.

Download Rescue Machine Mod APK

You will still have constant updates for free that bring any necessary corrections, in addition to a series of improvements in the already round game. Of course, you will also receive new content and extensions to the game and the challenges it brings.

Now the question: how are your logical reasoning skills and your engineering self today? Time to run to our links and enjoy the best of this app that will surely ensure many hours of entertainment for you and your entire family.

Download Rescue Machine for Android and start having fun saving lives right now

No more bullshit, click on our links and put your skills to the test right now with Rescue Machine APK Mod free download. Then, return here to our page and leave in our comments if, in case we need it one day, we can count on your talent to save our lives with the best of engineering skills.

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