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April 27, 2021
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While professional drivers experience the almost daily adrenaline of racing, most of us can just revel in the feeling of driving a race car through simulators. Real Racing 3, in its Android version, appears as a definitive solution in mobile motorsport games.

Real Racing 3 – This is no longer a racing game

For sure, one of Real Racing 3’s greatest assets is its gameplay. The game, created by Firemonkeys Studios and distributed by EA Sports, masterfully solves a great difficulty for lovers of racing games: handling.


Having the feeling of driving a race car for an experienced user comes down to feeling all the difficulties of performing this action. Beginners like to feel the roar of the engine and try to finish the races better. The game solves this difference in interests by allowing the beginning player to lose some control of the brakes and acceleration, but still get a gameplay reward. The experienced gamer can remove the automatic controls and take full control of the car.

real racing 3 mod apk data
real racing 3 mod apk data

Still talking about gameplay, the game offers 9 different control possibilities, such as: tilt steering, manual or automatic brake, manual or automatic acceleration, touch steering (steering wheel) and inverted command. In addition to all this, it has a sensitivity control so that the commands are even more precise.

Super realistic cars

The vehicles shown are very realistic. As with most career racing games, you start with a more basic car. It is possible to evolve it in some specific criteria such as: engine, fairing, tires and brakes. Despite this limitation, the restriction is beneficial in making you more focused on competition.

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But in addition to the graphic quality, realism also appears in the vehicle’s wear. They require frequent maintenance, which incurs coin costs. Thus, you, as a driver and manager of your team, must, in addition to being careful when driving, strategically choose which items should evolve or not.

In terms of style, there is the possibility of painting your car choosing between some official patterns, brightness and different styles such as matte, metallic and sweet (which are stronger colors).

real racing 3 mod apk all unlocked
real racing 3 mod apk all unlocked

But you must be wondering about the decals, right? Yes, it is possible to replace them with custom versions. All this, of course, at the cost of the different currencies used in the game (MS, R$ and Gold).

The cars shown are very realistic. One of the most interesting features of the game is the need for maintenance on vehicles. They wear out and some function blocks need to be replaced.

Thus, tires, engines, fairing and brakes need to be changed or evolved frequently. Your car needs balance.

Game levels

Real Racing 3 APK has 8 different game possibilities. Each has its own characteristics. The main difference between them is in the style of the circuit, type of car used, league and awards. Among them, we can mention:

real racing 3 mod apk + data download
real racing 3 mod apk + data download
  • tournaments;
  • event files;
  • track day;
  • teams;
  • competition against the clock;
  • daily running;
  • automobile series;
  • clue collections,

In each of them, you will have subcategories, such as the dispute in an online event (with players from all over the world) or via leaderboard (still with several players, but being a dispute selected between leaders).

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That said, there is no reason for you to get bored with this game as the possibilities for it are immense. It’s virtually guaranteed that once you’ve crossed the learning curve — through the F1 Academy — you’re ready, or ready, to compete at a high level.

real racing 3 mod apk obb
real racing 3 mod apk obb

Opponents from all over the world

Harness the power of the internet and compete in epic races with your best friends or face off against rivals from around the world in real time. You can face up to 8 players in cross-platform mode. It is still possible to face robots. That’s right. In some game modes, versions of your favorite drivers are controlled by Artificial Intelligence through Time-Shifed Multiplayer (TSM) technology.

How versatile is Real Racing 3?

You will have 3 licensed tracks, that is, very close to the real dimensions. It seems like little, but having clues at this level of detail for a mobilie version is not at all common. But the app still includes 40 circuits arranged in 19 locations around the world. Quite a lot without counting the possible circuit variations.

The grid consists of 43 vehicles, comprising more than 250 highly detailed cars from different manufacturers. Among the brands, we have Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin, Audi, among others.

If that wasn’t enough, we still have real-time gameplay, leaderboards via social media, Formula 1® and Grand Prix™ events that will keep you entertained for hours on end, no matter what your mode of play is. preferred game (career or casual mode).

real racing 3 mod apk download
real racing 3 mod apk download

The best feeling you can get

Real Racing 3 relies on the latest technology to provide a better racing experience. The Mint™ 3 Engine shows damage that has occurred in the car, which can range from persistent to functional, such as damage to the rear view mirrors.

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What was good, it gets even better!

The purpose of Real Racing 3 APK is to be a definitive racing experience. And it is. Even Asphalt lovers will feel the difference. The competitors are real, the cars are stunning, and real, and the experience is almost real. After all, you will not only be a driver, but the manager of a racing team capable of making critical and strategic decisions.

In-game purchases

You can still make in-app purchases. So, you can accelerate your progress, if you don’t have much time and “skip” some steps, improve the styling and evolution of your cars, etc. Please note that in-app purchases can be disabled, both for security reasons and personal preferences.

Real Racing 3 Mod APK – Unlimited Money

The Real Racing 3 experience brings us a full gaming experience. He’s just awesome. It presents countless possibilities, in addition to several layers of gameplay, strategy and pure fun. Whether you are a beginner player or even someone familiar with games, your passion for motorsport will only evolve through this game.

real racing 3 apk
real racing 3 apk

The modified version of the app (Mod APK) has infinite money, which allows you to have complete freedom to evolve, style and perform maintenance on your vehicle whenever you want.

Download Real Racing Mod APK right now!

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