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Although mobile applications are already part of our daily lives for various tasks, the flexibility offered by a mobile browser is undeniable. In addition to the basic access features, people are currently looking for security-related features, VPN – Virtual Private Network, or access to Flash sites.

Puffin Browser Pro APK Download latest version

In this scenario, Puffin Browser Pro is an internet browser available for Android. Because it has an access speed above the average, its download has been coveted by several users. The Pro version is one of several Puffin products and comes with unlimited support for Adobe Flash.

Puffin Browser Pro

Puffin Browser Pro is the premium version of the well-known Puffin Browser. In addition to the incredible browsing speed, the user also has a built-in ad blocker. The version also has an even greater regularity of updates and features than the free alternative.

Speed ​​that impresses

In several tests carried out, Puffin Browser Pro achieved a performance far superior to other mobile browsers available for Android. By delivering much of the workload – from devices with limited resources – to servers in the cloud, pages that typically require larger workloads run super-fast on phones or tablets.

Protection from the cloud

You might be wondering if, with some of the traffic being handled by the browser’s servers, would we not have a security issue? In fact, Puffin’s developers have already thought about this issue.

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Puffin Browser Pro APK Download 2021

Thus, all traffic between the Android mobile application and the server is encrypted. That way it is quite safe to even use public WiFi through this browser – which would not be for most others.

To manage this, each device has a unique quota on the server. And each time a customer (user) disconnects, their session data is deleted immediately. With that in mind, it is very difficult – and even unlikely – that any virus will affect your mobile device by browsing through Puffin.

Built-in ad blocker

Other browsers have built-in ad blockers. However, few of them

Several browsers have ad blockers. However, Puffin has this feature in the cloud. As part of the traffic is managed directly from your servers, ad blocking happens at the server layer.

Puffin Browser Pro APK Download

Thus, it is very comfortable for the browser to manage the resources to be blocked and learn from each one, offering an additional layer of security for your navigation.

Play with built-in controls

This browser offers a super cool feature. It is a control emulator for games on your mobile device. So, even if you play a game from a website, you can customize your keyboard shortcuts or use the emulator to make your games even more fun.

Download to the cloud

Downloading using your mobile data quota is not always a good idea. But this will not be a problem if you are using Puffin Browser Pro. This is because it uses the Gigabit network to carry out the downloads.

As this traffic occurs directly in the cloud, the task of “downloading files” will not consume a large part of the bandwidth of your internet network quota. Remembering that Puffin Browser now supports direct download to your file storage account in the cloud for files up to 1G.

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Puffin Browser Pro APK Download for Android

Integrated mouse

Today, when we think of mobile, we don’t always consider the idea of ​​having a mouse. However, when accessing spreadsheets, or editing that document and sending it to your company, you quickly remember how good it is to have a mouse close by.

The Puffin Browser Pro APK has an integrated mouse (and also a keyboard) so that you can access content without fear and edit that spreadsheet in a much easier way.

Stay on top of the latest news

In the browser itself, you have a feed containing various news from the best journalism channels in the world. Stay on top of what happens in your country and in the world when you receive a filter with the most read news of the moment.

Puffin Browser Pro Mod APK

The Puffin Browser is quite different. Containing several additional features, the Pro version – Puffin Browser Pro Mod APK – adds even more value to the application’s cloud protection, speed and efficiency features.

Puffin Browser Pro APK for Android

The latest version is available for free download for Android. So, you can download it and check the effectiveness of the application. The mouse and keyboard functions can be accessed in the settings panel. As soon as you download, test with a very heavy site, you will notice the difference.

Download Puffin Browser Pro Mod APK right now!

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