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February 26, 2021
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Octopus: maximum control of your mobile games

What are your favorite mobile game style and title? It is true that the answer to this question certainly varies widely among all our readers. However, there is one thing in common to most (if not all) gamers: the cell phone does not offer the same control conditions as, for example, a video game.

Or rather, it didn’t. The Octopus Pro APK is the tool that was missing for your shooting, adventure, sports sessions, or even, whatever your beach, become an experience worthy of the big platforms. Your performance will never be the same again.

octopus pro apk download

This article will change how you have fun on your mobile. Shall we find out more?

The Octopus app proposal

Simple: allow you to use a series of peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboards, and levers of various other devices directly on your cell phone, for a wide range of games, with perfect synchronization and optimization for your best performance and comfort.

Its loads of features, good compatibility, and constantly improved experience that make the Octopus app the perfect choice for your favorite game. Furthermore, installing it and making the magic happen is also a highlight, given the ease and agility with which the application connects different gadgets to the cell phone and makes them functional. We’ll look at this in-depth now.

The main features of Octopus

Since this is not the main app, that is, although it has a key role in making many games (even) more fun, the app itself is secondary and serves only as a means to an end, the app manages to stand out since the beginning, with its compatibility.

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Electronic games are, perhaps, one of the goods that are renewed the most, whether with the release of new editions, more attractive than the previous ones or because of new titles that hit the market every day.

octopus pro apk updated

Thus, the task of making peripherals originally intended for other electronic devices fit for so many titles and variants is an arduous one. But, the Octopus APK simply took it out of hand.

  • Levers, mouse, keyboards.
  • Various brands such as Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech, and many others.
  • Support for many games, highlighting the famous Free Fire Max.

A note to stand out here is that Octopus even allows you to find out which other players are doing the same as you: use this app to improve their performance. Now, you’ll find out why that player X was so good.


One of the biggest annoyances of this type of app is when defining the buttons and their respective functions for each title, every time you start a game session. To our delight, that’s not a problem this time.

octopus apk latest version

  • Predefined Button Mapping: In over 30 of the top games at the moment, you won’t even need to set the minimum. Just connect your peripheral to the cell phone with the Octopus and it, in turn, will already recognize the game and the hardware and will bring you a ready-made configuration for you to just have fun.
  • Professional customization: left-handed or right-handed? Used to another similar game or is this your first time? Many factors change players’ preferences for what the kick key will be, the punch button, the trigger, and so on. Therefore, when downloading Octopus, the user has more than 20 components to adjust his own game controller.
  • Special Gamepad Calibration: if your throttle is not from a famous brand, or if it is one of those so-called parallel ones that have little precision, you have a feature specially available to calibrate it and make it pro.
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It’s comfort and total power in the hands of the most vigorous players on the internet. After all, it is undeniable to think that a player who can use a lever doesn’t have advantages over thousands of others who need to divide the already small cell phone screen between several controls and space to hold the device.

High performance

To be fair, bringing together the factors we’ve presented so far is more than enough for you to see a big improvement in your performance in any game. But, the app has booked more.

octopus apk free download

  • Unique Game Modes: whether on the keyboard, on the stick, or with the help of a mouse, Octopus offers different ways to make you have the best experience, for all games. In addition to two basic modes, there are a variety of special modes that suit the needs of each player and each title.
  • RAM memory cleaning: the application also has a feature that cleans the RAM memory while you are having fun, in order to make your phone more powerful and your immersion smoother and more perfect. Forget those little crashes that usually cost you a shot in the forehead.
  • Fake location function: some games rely on location and where you are can be decisive in the outcome of the match. After all, certain items, monsters, and opponents can only be found in other regions, which limits their performance. Not with the Octopus app. Choose where you want to be.

In addition to all these features that are sure to take your game and your fun to another level, it has one more really cool point, especially for content producers. Octopus Pro APK allows you to record your gameplay and thus create your own videos, teaching you what is best in your favorite game.

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download octopus for android

Finally, you can even sync your settings on it with any other device you’ll use to play your most cherished titles. The controls, adjustments, and settings will be saved so you don’t waste time.
So, time to be the best?

Download Octopus and turn the tables in your favor once and for all

A powerful, simple-to-use app that actually transforms the already fun experiences many mobile games offer for the better. With the Octopus APK Mod, you no longer need to rely on fuzzy controls, unwanted screen taps, delays in processing your decision-making, and comfort.

Simply connect your device to your cell phone, enjoy one of the predefined customizations and have fun like you never imagined. You’ll probably still get a lot of praise for your performance.


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