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October 27, 2020

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Monster Hunter Stories – lots of magic and amazing creatures at your fingertips

Success in Japan – the country where it was originally released – Monster Hunter Stories is an RPG that, in a lot, reminds us of titles like Pokemón and Genshin Impact , but without losing its very essence. The game was well received by the general public and, after being released for various platforms, such as the Nintendo DS , the time has come for Android phones.

monster hunter stories apk

A very traditional narrative, but it is developed at a perfect pace, combined with mechanics that enchanted us all, such as the capture and training of “little monsters”, in addition to many colors and animations is the perfect recipe for you to also end up captivated by this game .

Speaking of history, let’s start our analysis just from it.

A little more of the Monster Hunter Stories narrative APK

In a world filled with creatures with destructive powers, keeping them in order is essential for life to continue. However, the Riders – assemblers and trainers of these powerful monsters – are aware of an event that could end this peace: the Black Blight.

It is a phenomenon that promises to change the mood and behavior of these powerful mythical beings and make them extremely aggressive, which would put an end to the existence of everyone in this world.

After finding an egg of these creatures together with your friends and experiencing a devastating attack from another in your village, you finally reach the age and acquire the necessary training to become a Rider . Now, you set out to explore the world, collect creatures, face demonic enemies, learn about a multitude of items and, of course, find the solution to the apocalyptic phenomenon.

monster hunter stories apk

Now that you know a little about what you are getting into, it is important that you get to know the mechanics of the game better, in order to succeed in your adventure.

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The main mechanics of Monster Hunter Stories Android

Although betting on a plot that is not exactly innovative, the originality of the creatures, of the world and, in particular, the new adaptations and mechanics that were created for different situations add a lot of value to the franchise.


The main campaign of the game revolves around the exploration of cities and routes between them, very Pokemón style , but, perhaps, with a slightly smaller map. For many, CAPCOM simply found the perfect size for this type of game.

In RPG mode, you will collect items like herbs , blue mushroom and many others, which serve different purposes, such as fortifying armor, recovering energy from your monsters, among others. In addition, obviously, looking for new eggs and thus monsters to call your own is the only way to become a powerful Rider and defeat your enemies, on the way to ending your adventure.

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TIP → This is a game that grind is essential for. That is, do not ignore items around you in order to run and try to reset the game. Before long, you will notice that your lack of efforts in the past will prevent you from proceeding from a certain point.


When you download Monster Hunter Stories APK and get to your first battle, you’ll quickly notice the developers’ bet on a combat mode already well known to RPG lovers, attack turns.

But, there are some pretty cool increments. First of all, you can use, in addition to your own abilities, attacks from your monsters. However, there are two possibilities here:

  1. Your monster decides → if you choose to attack with one of your monsters – the Monsties – the creature will be responsible for deciding which one to use, which can be very good against a certain enemy or, unfortunately, ineffective;
  2. You choose your monster’s attack → if your creature has different techniques and only one of them is the key to winning the battle you are in, perhaps this is the best option. However, when deciding on your monster, it will cost some of your points.

It is still possible to use some finite items to fortify your attacks in tougher combat.

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Another novelty incorporated into the mechanics of fights between players or against the machine is stone, paper and scissors. No, the creatures and Riders do not play the fun game with their hands, but have their techniques classified into three types and with mechanics similar to the ancient game.

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TIP → Attacks can be:

  • Speed ​​attack → as the name suggests, this is a fast attack type and will always be effective against opponents who choose an attack of power or strength;
  • Power or force attack → this type of attack uses brute force and must be used against opponents who choose a technique attack;
  • Technique attack → Finally, the technique attack is your best chance against an enemy that attacks you with speed;

Another important detail is that, once you determine your opponent’s attack pattern and make the best decisions, you will earn Kinship Points . They are essential for loading your special bar and attacking with your Kinship Attack : a powerful blow that takes much more life than the average.

Items and monsters

Currently, there are more than 100 monsters in the game, with about 60 of them possible to collect, in addition to a multitude of items and rewards. Unlike other games of the genre, all creatures in Monster Hunter Stories can be very powerful in combat, you just have to choose the right one to face each opponent.

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This is because they have different natures that enable them to attack specifically, such as fire, ice and many others. Hence, the logic is the one we already know, you don’t want to face a water attack with a fire monster.

TIP 1 → When you encounter a monster you don’t already have, beat it in combat and make it flee to its nest – or Den . This will open a kind of portal for his catacomb and, when exploring it, it will be possible to find his egg and, thus, acquire it for his collection.

TIP 2 → One of the game’s great secrets is finding recipes . They are a kind of recipe that teaches your player to combine items and, in this way, create others much more powerful. For example, both herbs and blue mushrooms are quite common across the map, but their benefits are quite simple. However, with the right recipe , you can combine them and transform them into an item capable of recovering almost your entire life with just one application.

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The best way to achieve this type of reward is by accessing the subquests . They are special missions within the main narrative, usually leading the player to more difficult battles and more dangerous challenges. However, it is common that the rewards are also much better than those found when exploring the map.

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TIP 3 → Use genetics to create monsters with surprising abilities. Imagine a fire monster that is also capable of attacking with water powers. This is the idea of ​​the genetic crossing between the creatures. This way, you will have special copies of your favorite “pets”.

An important note about this technique is that, whenever you do it, the second combined monster will die. So make sure you know where to find another egg from it, before using it to get a new creature.

With these tips and understanding more deeply how the game unfolds, it is guaranteed that you will experience one of the best titles in this genre, especially when we analyze only those that are available for mobile phones.

Time to end our reasoning.

Our conclusion about Monster Hunter Stories – MHS

We are undoubtedly facing one of the best games ever developed for the Android platform, which bets on known mechanics, in order to make new users feel at ease quickly, but without giving up much originality.

monster hunter stories apk android

The challenges are in the right dose and the graphics, settings, special effects – above all, in the Kinship Attacks – are charming and will make you addicted to them. The icing on the cake is due to “pets” that combine cuteness and a lot of power, in addition to collectibles for all tastes.

An adventure that you simply cannot miss.

Download Monster Hunter Stories and stop the Black Blight now

Enjoy all the best that this fascinating journey of Monster Hunter Stories APK Mod with our links and become the main responsible for saving the world and all these mystical creatures from a tragic end. Certainly, you will not be able to get out of the cell phone in the next few days.

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