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Last Day on Earth: A shooting and survival game for Android

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Last Day on Earth: Survival is a free survival game available for Android. In his latest version, the character is in the year 2027. Part of humanity was destroyed by a global infectious outbreak. The dead became zombies and the survivors try to resist.


Your mission, as a survivor in this chaotic world, is to overcome yourself and try to establish yourself. In the beginning, you will not have many resources, but, over time, you will be able to impose yourself on the environment and build fortifications, restore vehicles and equipment, in addition to invading other properties.

Main features of the game Last Day on Earth: Survival

Realistic character

Hand in hand with your character, your mission is to help him not only survive, but thrive in a new world. He will feel tired, hungry and thirsty. In addition, injuries are frequent and it is up to you to pay attention to this in order to solve your problems.

But first of all, you will find the possibility to give your avatar a little more personality, choosing the body color, hair type, face, among other physical aspects.

Devastated land environment

In the environment, you will find resources that, initially meaningless, put together will serve for the production of new items. You will never imagine that masking tape and some wires can build a radio, or that some random pieces will be able to rebuild a motorcycle.

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So, explore the environment a lot and choose your items wisely. You will not always have a lot of space while moving, but you will be able to store them in hidden boxes during your journey. So keeping your memory ready to remember where the items are is always a good strategy.

Zombies are always on the prowl. So, be prepared to face them always carrying a weapon with you, even if they are not at all conventional. So don’t waste stones, clubs, road signs or sticks. They can save your life against hundreds of zombies.


If all of that was not enough, you still have to be prepared against property invaders. Use not only strength but cunning to build your defense through fortifications and traps. The invasion of other survivors’ territories is also a valid device. Remember: the character must survive.

Exploration does not take place in a single location, but on several maps within a large “universe”. In each of them, you will have specific tasks, such as exploring the wreckage of an airplane, recovering a radio, etc. However, all sites are connected to each other. So, find the common bond between them and advance in the game.


Seasonal Maps

If you are interested, you can count on seasonal maps. They are generally more difficult and have more obstacles (Zombies, invaders, among others.). Equip yourself a lot and be sure to have weapons, water, food and medical items.

But in addition to basic items, whenever you have the opportunity, equip your survivors with more powerful weaponry. This is to destroy zombies as well as to hunt deer.

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It’s not easy here. In a post-apocalyptic world, good transport is hard to find. Don’t be surprised if you have to restore each one, in fact almost one hundred percent of them. They will help you spend less time between maps and make your gaming routine much more dynamic.


In addition to the possibility of storing items in your pockets, you also have a backpack. Thus, the start of the game already guarantees you good access to basic items (food, water, health care and weaponry). Additional spaces can be used to store extra items to be used for the construction and restoration of other items.


On the maps, there are boxes, chests, attics, among other locations scattered around where you can store your items permanently. So watch out for your memory when you need a particular resource.


On the main map (West direction), there is the so-called Zona Online. There, it is possible to interact with other players, but only using special armor since the world has practically ended due to a super-contagious infection.

Last Day on Earth gameplay: Survival

The game’s usability is super simple. In addition to directional buttons, you have access to your inventory, an action button, an exploration button and a squat button. These are the basic functions. There are other accessory functions for the same buttons, such as:

  • The action button turns to attack;
  • The explore button becomes a collection button.

Explore the immense and diverse world of Last Day on Earth: Survival. Move forward, always prioritizing the long term. That way, you will thrive in an environment filled with chaos and desolation. Survive!

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Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK with infinite money

Last Day on Earth: Survival is certainly an excellent shooting and action game. But we could also classify it in the strategy genre. That’s because it’s not just about zombie shooting and map exploration, it’s about survival. To achieve this, it takes a lot of strategies.

Thus, Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK, provides another level of gameplay by allowing infinite access to the money used in the game. With it, you can purchase exclusive items and gain a little more rhythm in your gameplay.


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