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April 6, 2021
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DESCRIPTION about Just Dance Now

The premise of the game is quite simple: you choose from a music library to dance and, after loading it, you can follow a character dancing on the screen. The game is produced by the very famous game company Ubisoft, which has already produced titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, Watch Dogs, among others.

The gameplay of the title is quite simple. The game is able to read the user’s movements. For each correct and corresponding movement shown on the screen by the character, the player gets a star. Easy, no !?

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Not always. The game is a great opportunity to awaken the practice of dance movements in children, adolescents, adults and even the elderly. The songs on offer range from the great Pop classics to the hottest hits of the last decade. There are more than 500 titles available for you to enjoy. Enjoy the best of music and dance in one application.

What is Just Dance Now?

Just Dance Now is a dance game franchise available on iOS and Android platforms produced by Ubisoft. Being based on fast turns that consist of a song each. Thus, the premise is that it is a casual game of quick matches to be played with family, among friends or even alone.

One of the strengths of Just Dance Now is its ability to pair with various devices, such as: Smart TVs, computers, tablets, notebooks, set-top boxes (TV box) and Chromecast. Thus, you do not need additional installations on these devices. The game can be connected via the product website.

To play, the user accesses the Just Dance Now platform, downloads the game application and enters a music room. For the platform to be able to detect the player’s movements, he must hold the smartphone with his right hand while executing them. The app will use the cell phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to detect movements.

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In this way, the level of accuracy will be measured and, with each correct movement, the player will earn points for its execution. Very well thought out, isn’t it? How about checking out some of the features of Just Dance Now?

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Play on any screen. That’s right, on any device, be it Android, iOS, Chromecast, Smart TV, tablet, notebook or your TV Box. This feat is possible only because Just Dance is accessed via a browser. The movements of the players are captured by the movement of their smartphone and sent via the app.

In this way, a player with a Smart TV connected to the same Wi-Fi as his smartphone is able to have fun at will for hours. It’s really worth it!

Updated content. Just Dance Now has unlocked and recent content. The greatest hits of recent times and even the most recent are in the new catalog. Some of them are: Bad Liar, by Selena Gomez; Despacito, by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee; Shape Of You, by Ed Sheeran; 24K Magic, by Bruno Mars; Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust, and more! There are more than 500 titles.

Video recording. If any of the players is tired or is not ready to participate in a round, he can record the other users dancing and share the video on their social networks, it is not the best. Only Just Dance Now has this feature because it is multiplatform.

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Make the party without limit of players. Do you think it is possible to dance together with 1, 10, 50 or 100 players? Too much, isn’t it? And if it were possible to dance up to 1,000! Yes, it is possible. Just Dance Now allows you to add up to 1,000 players in the same round if you prefer. Simply incredible.

Social sharing. You have just completed an incredible round hitting every step of the song. If you are playing alone, many people may not believe in the arduous task you have just achieved, right? But don’t be sad, Just Dance Now allows you to share your successes with your friends via social networks.

To do this, simply log in to your favorite social networks through the application itself and accept the necessary permissions.

Content updated monthly. If you think there will come a time when you would get sick of having fun with this game, you are very wrong. The contents are added monthly. Thus, there will always be a new challenge for you to face.

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Release the dancer inside you. Dance transforms. Be your mood, your mindset and your physical aspect. Dancing releases some hormones, including endorphins – the hormone of happiness. That said, download Just Dance Now Premium APK right now and reap all these benefits.

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Dance as your mind, heart and body take you. Awaken the dancer in you by holding a few game sessions with Just Dance Now Unlimited. Get rid of the traditional limitations applied by the original version of the application. That way, you will be free to acquire the most played songs of today without worries.

Download the Just Dance Now Mod APK right now and provide moments of fun, free mind and movement for you, your friends and family. Everyone should have the opportunity to dance at some point in their life. What are you waiting for, play right now!

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