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Hungry Shark World (infinite money): a simple guide for you to be the most feared of sharks

The ocean is a world still quite unknown to all of us and one that feeds many fascinating ideas in our minds. A sign of this is the renowned films we see about adventures at sea and everything it has to offer, both of exuberant beauty and of the dreadful dangers.

These dangers have the main name: sharks. There are several species, attacks and incredible numbers that torment and enchant our imagination in breathtaking scenes. Then, we thought: what if there was a game in which you controlled the shark?

hungry shark world mod apk (unlimited money and gems latest version)

And there is Hungry Shark World. If you still don’t know this game or if you’ve been lost trying to unlock sharks and understand the best strategies to become the great predator of the sea, this guide is for you.

Inside the game of Hungry Shark World

A proposal that involves agility, strategy, a lot of reflex, and dynamism is what Hungry Shark World has to offer. If you like titles where your motor skills are what will keep you alive, controlling your own shark will be a breathtaking adventure.

The idea is that you must eat ceaselessly to stay alive. The more you eat, the more points you earn, collect coins and gems and, in addition, increase the level and size of your shark. But be careful! In addition to the (almost certain) possibility of starving to death at some point, you can still be prey to many other creatures and boats, such as fishing boats, submarines and whales.

The graphics are very beautiful, in 3D, with natural movements, both of the shark and of the infinity of other creatures that will be in the sea waiting to be your prey or predators. Controlling your pet can be done either by dragging your finger to direct it, or by swinging your phone to the side you want to go to. The gameplay itself is simple, but the challenge is quite difficult.

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hungry shark world mod apk all sharks unlocked

As you collect gems and money, you can buy a series of items that make your shark a real killing machine, even with the possibility of flying. That’s right, fly! Incidentally, from now on, we will talk about the main items that you must bet to become the best shark and, of course, get enough coins and gems, without having to invest a penny.

Hungry Shark World Guide APK

The variety of items is quite large and, best of all, they can be equipped and unequipped in any shark. This way, these “updates” are not lost when you are able to unlock the next beast.

Let’s get to know some key items and tips to make your life easier under the sea.

Shark chicks

It’s not just about getting a cute pet, shark cubs offer a variety of skills that can make your life a lot easier. Of course, prices vary and some require you to play for a long time before you have the money to buy them. However, their skills can do just about anything for you. Our recommendations are:

hungry shark world mod apk latest version free download

  • Max → the most expensive pet in the game, but also the most powerful. It is the cub of the legendary megalodon, capable of eating anything in the ocean. Best of all, everything that this insatiable little shark eats counts points for you, multiplied by eight;
  • Phil → cub of the great white shark, this hungry little one counts points multiplied by six, for each animal that eats. Just like Max’s case, in this way, he collaborates so that you increase, in a lot, your lifetime in each day;
  • Super Steve → the symbolic eagle of the United States is a great company. First, it will take care of the other birds for you, while ensuring that your turbo recharges 25% faster, in addition to counting the points of what you eat multiplied by eight;

TIP: Although these are the best pets in the game, they are also the most expensive, with some of them easily passing 1000 gems. However, later on, we will show you how to have infinite money in Hungry Shark World. But, if you decide not to use our methods, be sure to bet on baby sharks, even if you can only buy the cheapest ones at the beginning.


Your shark will never be the same after you stop by the store. From hats to scepters, necklaces, laser weapons and more, you will be the coolest shark of the seven seas. But, the items not only make you look cooler, but they also give you special abilities.

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hungry shark world mod apk unlimited coin and diamond and pearls

Our recommendations are:

  • Thruster → How about a flying shark? With the propellant, you can sustain yourself for a few seconds in the air, at high speed. You will be surprised by so many rare items and animals that the game hides in the skies;
  • Laser weapon → The laser weapon not only stuns your prey so that you can reach them without any effort, but it also increases the points received for everything that is devoured after being hit;
  • Vortex → a very brucutu necklace for your shark. What does he do? From time to time, it simply forms a kind of puncture that sucks everything in the vicinity directly into your shark’s mouth. Perfect for catching tough prey and saving yourself when food is scarce in one location;

TIP: Although all of the above are really powerful, the propellant has a special value. In addition to allowing you to reach creatures that were previously impossible, it allows you to go to every corner much faster. In addition, there are some items that can only be achieved if you have one of these;

hungry shark world mod apk unlimited money and diamonds

But to get all of this (and more), you’ll need coins and gems. How to get them? Relax, it’s just below.

Tips for playing Hungry Shark World with infinite money (coins and gems)

There are two forms of game money, gems and coins. The coins, which are easier to obtain by eating prey and getting high scores, buy a good portion of the items and unlock many sharks. However, almost everything that is premium can only be obtained with gems, which are much more expensive and rare to obtain.

Infinite Coins Hungry Shark World APK

There are a few things that will guarantee gold near infinity for you. The best of them: play. That’s because there are several creatures that reward you with coins and, of course, for every X point, you have a gold rush, a few seconds in which all creatures in the ocean will reward you with gold.

Best of all, during the gold rush, even those creatures that are still too big and dangerous for your Tibet to eat, lose their attack strength and can be easily devoured (with a lot of prizes), even if you have a shark reef.

It’s another thing to do the missions. There are daily and other exclusive missions for each type of shark. Completing them not only releases certain exclusive items for purchase, it also earns you a lot of gold.

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hungry shark world dinheiro infinito

Finally, bet on items that increase the percentage of gold you find when you play. The best bets are:

  • Gold Medal → available only in multiplayer, this medal ensures an increase in their currencies by 50% each day;
  • Mini Monarch → Baby King is one of the pets that can be purchased. It also guarantees 50% more gold in its endeavors, in addition to helping with food and, thus, with its lifetime;
  • Sunken treasures → There are fifteen sunken items that, if collected, give a great score and gold bonus. Concentrate on learning their location and whenever you play, make sure to collect them all;

As you will see in the store, there are still other cheaper items that can be purchased and that guarantee an increase in gold that generally vary from five to twenty percent. But what about the long-awaited gems?

Endless gems Hungry Shark World APK

When it comes to gems, the news, at first, is not so encouraging. This is because, although they can be found, they are very rare. The rules you must obey are basically two:

baixar hungry shark world dinheiro infinito

  • Keeping an eye on the shiny fish → some fish shine and, on the bottom of the sea, all that glitters is gold, or rather, jewelry. Some fish (extremely skittish) give gems as rewards. However, whenever you see one, just approach with your turbo bar at maximum, or you will not be able to catch it;
  • Never use continue → sometimes, it is tempting. Whenever we die, the game offers us to continue, including the score, at the cost of one or more gems. If you want to unlock other sharks and accessories in the race, don’t fall for it;

But then, isn’t there a magic formula? Good news: there is.

Download Hungry Shark World and have infinite money – gems and coins

If you want to get straight to the point and just have fun with all the best the game has, be it the most terrible sharks, the most unusual accessories or the most powerful items, enjoy our Hungry Shark World Mod APK. All sharks, pets and much more so that there is no lack of options and, mainly, fun at the bottom of your ocean.

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