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“This is the perfect game for anyone wanting to get into the hemp industry.” - Tommy Chong 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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April 13, 2021
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Hempire APK: Have you always dreamed of growing your own herb?

The debate over the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana has been going on for many years in Brazil. Although it is legalized and exploited, even in the cuisine of some of our neighbors, such as Uruguay, it is still considered illegal in Brazilian lands.

Hempire Mod APK 2.0.9 Free Download Latest Version

There are many arguments to defend both ideas, to free and to continue to prevent. Certainly, you also have your position on the topic. And make it clear: we are not here trying to make anyone’s head! But, instead of bringing the indication of a game, at least, curious and fun, even if you do not agree with the release.

After all, it is just a game, with the intention of entertaining. We present Hempire: a game that brings the idea of ​​not only cultivating but of building an agribusiness empire aimed, in particular, at the exploitation of cannabis.

Interesting and unusual, isn’t it? Come with us and discover a lot of fun in this innovative game proposal. Let’s start, I understand what the game is about.

The Hempire idea

It is an application that proposes that you become a farmer. In fact, an agribusiness mega-entrepreneur. But, as we said, forget that idea of ​​growing and selling trees and flowers, like the farms in other games. The thing here is to bet on marijuana.

Hempire Mod APK 2.0.9 Free Download

That’s right! From small plantations, negotiations, and a lot of ambition, you will become – as long as you make the right choices – the greatest agribusiness tycoon. With your plantation, the possibilities are endless. You can, for example, start making marijuana wafers to accelerate your company’s expansion. What about?

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The game, as it could not be otherwise, has a vast list of exclusive features and functionality. Thus, we have prepared below all the best that you should know before diving into this adventure.

The highlights of Hempire APK

For our current reality, the game natively already has many unique features that stand out, of course, for their originality. However, some of them are really eye-popping when we read them. There is much more, but we do not want to extend it further than necessary.

Hempire Mod APK Free Download Latest Version

So, don’t just take our word for granted. Use our links and download the latest version of Hempire APK and see with your own eyes the multitude of resources and very funny situations that the game brings.

  • A variety of herbs → grow herb and famous strains like Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, Jack Herer, and many others. You can still bet on your own creations, creating hybrid and new plants on the market to increase your profits;
  • Invest in your business → keep your company’s machinery always up to date, with the best technology and planting and harvesting techniques. Keep an eye on and repair machines that are defective to keep your business up and running at maximum production;
  • Be the owner of the city → with lots of money, you will be able to invest and decorate your city with a series of collectible items, leaving it exactly like your dreams. Enjoy and keep your city always clean and well looked after, to attract even more customers to your business;
  • Expand your business → invest in plantations to have your raw materials in abundance. But, don’t stop there! Be creative and negotiator, developing cookies, cakes, and other various products with infusions of your herb;
  • More products → you don’t need to focus only on food products containing cannabis. Also bet on the production and commercialization of hashish, kief, cannabis extract, resins, oils, concentrates, and much more;
  • Manage your business → it’s not just about producing marijuana and then selling it. It is necessary to deal with suppliers, serve a multitude of customers with different demands, keep inventory up to date and keep your company running smoothly;
  • Challenge friends → to participate in the fantastic Hempire Cup. A breathtaking dispute to find the best product in town. Bet on your recipes and your plantation to offer the best marijuana in town and beat your friends in online challenges;
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Hempire Mod APK 2.0.9 Download Latest Version

As you have certainly noticed, the game is funny, unusual, but also full of challenges. Don’t think it’s just a laugh. There is complex mechanics of tasks and decisions to reach the top of the market. Without a doubt, the app guarantees many hours of fun for you and your friends.

Before downloading it, let’s go to our verdict.

Our conclusion about Hempire

The game is undoubtedly quite original, from the proposal – which can be considered controversial – to the challenges brought. However, more than focusing on that, it is necessary to give credit for a well-developed application, with a lot of fun and care that, sometimes, we don’t see infamous platform games.

All this gives more than five million downloads of the game and an impressive score of 4.7 / 5, in the Google store. It is, for sure, one of the biggest notes we have ever seen for an app over there.

Hempire Mod APK Free Download

Now, time to see how creative and daring you are with your marijuana empire.

Download Hempire for Android and become the marijuana mogul

Give yourself a chance to have fun – even if you have different opinions on the topic – with Hempire APK Mod. An adventure that goes far beyond the theme, with several actions, decisions, planning, strategy, and, in particular, a lot of fun for all.

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