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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – it’s your turn to show who is the most powerful wizard in school

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery APK is an RPG-style game that goes back to all the best we’ve seen in the charming books and movies in the series. Now, it’s your turn to study at this mystical school, with real characters, a lot of magic, and, of course, the goal of becoming the most powerful wizard in this world.

The game stands out for its faithful history, very detailed scenarios, temperamental characters, and a variety of activities and possibilities of exploration within the game that guarantee many hours of fun. After all, it is impossible to forget the success of this title worldwide.

But, it will not be easy to become a renowned student here. You will have to study many, explore and discover many school secrets, customize your avatar and face chilling battles. Lucky for you, we’re here too, let’s say, to give a magic boost to your performance.

harry potter hogwarts mystery mod apk

What you need to know about updated Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery APK

Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Rolanda Hooch, in addition to powerful wizards, have one other thing in common: they are all teachers at the mystical school of wizards. So, there is nothing fairer than starting with the tip related to your studies.

Focus on classes

Classes are a way to get attribute points to your avatar and thus make you a stronger and more respected wizard within the game. However, annoying a teacher in one of these focus classes can yield a completely reverse experience, with significant losses.

So, the tip is not to make mistakes. In classes that require focus, instead of simply waiting for the perfect moment – when all the circles on the screen turn green – to touch the screen, press it, and wait for the right moment. As you do this, the circles will continue to move, and the moment they are green, just take your finger off.

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Much easier, safer, and more efficient.

Another important point about your studies is to focus, especially, on the three and eight-hour classes, which are usually more difficult but generate more points for your home, attributes (empathy, courage, and wisdom), in addition to experience and cash.

It is an important tactic to finally reach the desired point of living your Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery experience with (almost) infinite money.

Find the hidden free energies

One of the most important things to look for, all the time, is energy since you can basically do nothing without it. When you, for example, duel, your energy is drained and recovery takes about an hour and forty minutes to wait. Or, of course, shell out real money and buy top-ups.

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The good news is that there are some free energies hidden by the school.

  • East Tower: next to the Spell Room, go to the painting of a woman.
  • Western Towers: next to the door of the Monitors’ Bathroom, you will find a painting with some fruits. There is another extra energy over there.
  • Lower Floor (West): next to the door that gives access to the Main Hall, there is a kind of pillar, which is unlit. Another extra energy can be found there. In this same place, there are two students talking. Behind them, a statue. Bingo! There is one more energy there.
  • Dungeons: In the dreary environment of the Dungeons, there is an elf close to the Kitchens. Touch it and another energy will be added to your avatar.
  • Terras do Castelo: in the training area, you will see a stick thrown on the ground. Move it around and get more energy.

Perhaps, it is not enough to have an adventure in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery with infinite energy, but it will certainly guarantee that you wait much less to enjoy the best that the game offers.

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Duel with magic and intelligence
Although it is not the most evolved and complex combat mechanics that we have seen, like games where you face several enemies at the same time, or command several characters, as in Frostborn, there are some tricks.

First, the system makes you choose, before the action itself, between three strategies: Defensive, Aggressive, or Sneaky. Their operation is as follows:

  • Aggressive wins Sneaky;
  • Defensive wins Aggressive;
  • Sneaky wins Defensive;

So, the first step is to focus on studying your opponent and finding out what strategy he will use. An extra tip is: in fights against Ben, he will always use a defensive strategy. So, choose to be sneaky.

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Download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and become a legendary wizard

Live the most incredible adventure of the most famous wizarding world with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery APK Mod. Just use our links, prepare the best of your curiosity and magical intuition and show Hogwarts who is the new illustrious wizard of the piece.


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