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CJ is back again. For fans of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or the GTA game, you must already know this character. It can be said that this character is the most popular GTA character of all time. What’s even more great is that this Carl Johnson character will go on an adventure in San Andreas via iOS or Android. By downloading GTA San Andreas 2.00, you can feel the adventure of using a smartphone.

Continuing from the success of GTA Vice City and GTA III which have been booming on PS2, this version can be done via smartphones. Indeed, many think that this game will be heavy if played using a smartphone. However, with the additional features provided, this game can be played smoothly using Android or iOS.

Download GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Free Download

About Gta San Andreas

A game set in 1992 will be done by playing CJ or Carl Johnson. CJ had to be forced to return to San Andreas because his mother was shot dead by the Ballas gang. In this hometown, CJ will have the opportunity to take revenge for the death of his mother. With the help of The Groove gang, CJ carries out the mission.

The goal for revenge will be played with sandbox gameplay along with missions. Using sandbox mode, players will carry out missions from stealing cars to walking around the city. And many other missions. This mission is carried out to expand the territory and continue the action of revenge.

The question that arises is how is this game played using the mobile version? Will it get easier? Here’s the explanation.

GTA San Andreas Mobile Version For Android

Download GTA San Andreas Mod

GTA San Andreas 2.00 apk is a ported version of the game from console to mobile. If you use this game on a smartphone, you will feel the right system and control for playing. With a more casual concept, this game will be comfortable to play.

The difference from GTA on the console and mobile versions will be felt when carrying out a mission. If using console mode, when a mission fails, it will return or restart the mission from the beginning. It’s different if you use GTA San Andreas 2.00 Mod. Players will get a checkpoint facility that can save time. So you can repeat the mission from the last checkpoint.

In this mobile version of the game, you will also feel the shot automatically. Where there is no need to bother to do aiming which is quite difficult. Simply press the button then CJ will shoot automatically at the closest mouse accurately. Another advantage of using GTA San Andreas 2.0 android is that it is easy to level up. Starting from stamina, weapon skills and even driving will be faster than using a console. Then there are other advantages over the console version.

GTA San Andreas 2.0 Presentation

Download GTA San Andreas Mod Free Download

Luckily, when you use the mobile version of GTA San Andreas 2.00 Mod Apk, you will get extra treatment regarding visuals. The graphics will be overhauled so that they will be able to display sharper colors. The character will be better until the details of the shadow will be of higher quality. Later GTA V2.00 will emphasize more on the open world gameplay side so that it doesn’t look too heavy when used on mobile.

Then for audio problems, it will not be much different from the console version. Even if you use it on a mobile. In fact, all radio channels on the console version will be included in the mobile version. By downloading GTA San Andreas 2.00 Apk + Obb, the audience will feel the variety of songs that can be listened to when playing the console version. Then what is the price of this game?


Pricing & IAP GTA San Andreas 2.00

If you download this GTA game through the App Store or Google Play, you will be charged a price of Rp. 69,000. It can be said that the price set will be quite high. But it can also be said that it is quite worth it with good quality. Of course you will enjoy this high-quality and high-priced game. In addition, there will be no IAP in this game. So there will be no need to bother to think about additional costs.

Just mind the prices above? Then you can just download GTA San Andreas 2.0 Mod Apk. By using the Mod version, you will get this game for free. So it will be easier to get games with high quality. There are also additional features that can be used in the Mod version. You just need to click on the link below.

Download Games Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2.00 Full Apk Mod

Features of GTA San Andreas 2.00

Download GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Free

By downloading GTA San Andreas 2.00 Android, you will get several features to add to the excitement of playing the mobile version of the game. Here are the features.

  • Presence of cloud save on all mobile devices
  • Supports analog joysticks for motion and camera control
  • Support with wireless game controller
  • GTA San Andreas 2.0 data integrated with touch effect damper
  • Supported with English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian

That was the explanation of the mobile version of the GTA San Andreas game. To get this game, you can directly download GTA San Andreas 2.00 apk using the link above. Then feel the quality of console games using mobile. Have a nice play.

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