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March 3, 2021
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The most popular TV channels right on your Android

In a very short time, streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney and Amazon Prime have taken over the public and have definitely changed the way we consume visual entertainment.

Today, each mobile device is a potential vehicle for media reproduction. The great difficulty nowadays is to select good content to watch without getting lost in a real flood of possibilities.

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Android apps like GOTV Pro, make it possible for anyone with just a smartphone to watch both open and closed channels – also known as cable TV channels.

Streaming platforms or TV?

But then you can ask yourself what is the fun of watching open channels and cable TV?

Well, there are countless possibilities, mainly in the field of entertainment. They are reality shows, TV news, sporting events, music shows, anime, humor programs and children’s content. Most of them are not available on streaming platforms.

In addition, there is the surprise and spontaneity of the live programs. They are always different, aren’t they?

Main features of GoTV Pro

Like any good IPTV streaming application, GoTV Pro seeks simplicity. With a simple but objective interface, the application facilitates the selection of available content, presenting them in large categories. They are divided between:

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  • 24 hour drawings;
  • several;
  • documentaries;
  • entertainment and music;
  • sports;
  • movies and series;
  • children’s TV;
  • journalism;
  • privê;
  • religious;
  • Open TV;
  • varieties;
  • and many others.
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With that, choosing the most suitable channels for your current moment becomes a much easier process.

After selecting a category, a variety of options on the category’s theme will be displayed to you. There will be several options, but with a little bit of calm, you can select the ones you like best.

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Many of the available channels are already quite famous. That way, the choice will be quite simple. However, be sure to try other options, they can always surprise you.

Can I play movies and series with GoTV Pro?

GOTV Pro is a free application. When you open the application, you will come across 3 main tabs. Movies, TV and your favorites. As we have seen, the channels are separated into broad categories. If the selected option is movies, the genres will be displayed on the screen to assist you in your choice.

As with TV channels, you will also come across a plethora of titles available from the seventh art. It is still possible to add a certain movie or channel in the favorites tab. With that, it is possible to separate that title that you want to see with a friend, spouse or separate so that it can be watched later.

A simple but effective search bar

GoTV Pro has an excellent search bar. It is very functional and helps a lot in the direct search for a movie, series or even channel. Simply enter a keyword, title or channel name for a more effective result.

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Internal and external reproducers

There is no need for a link for you to play the streams. However, it is possible to select an internal or external player according to your needs. In case of selecting an external player, the MX Player is the most recommended. It has already been tested hard by GoTV APK users and there is a lot of information available about it on the internet.

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However, it is still possible to choose Uptodown for external reproduction with good quality delivery and a very acceptable graphic result.

Finally, GoTV Pro is configured as one of the best TV streaming applications on the market. In addition to being free and available for the Android platform, the app also has a vast collection of films and series. That in itself would be fantastic, but by counting on the availability of TV channels (open and closed), a complete platform is created, ready to satisfy all users’ needs.

GoTV Mod APK – No Ads

As we have seen, GOTV Pro is an incredible application. It has an extensive catalog of channels and films to be explored, efficient search, simple and effective design, in addition to being completely free and available for Android.

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Despite all these excellent features, the app displays ads. Which is quite natural, since the app is free and needs to be maintained. However, for a user, ads are not always an interesting option.

Thus, some developers have built an alternative version to the original version of GOTV Pro. In it, the main functionalities of the application continue to work. The big difference is that GOTV Pro Mod APK has no ads. Yes, none of them. Best of all, it’s also free!

Download the GOTV Pro Mod APK right now!

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