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April 9, 2021
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Free Fire Max Beta: Rediscover the internet fever with even more incredible features

Launched by Garena in late 2017, Free Fire quickly became one of those indispensable games on the cell phone of almost all users in Brazil. The game, which proposes Battle Royale-style third-person shooting, starts each fight with the player jumping from an airplane.

On an open exploration map, several players must search for items and weapons, with the final mission of being the last and only survivor of each round. On each island, that is, at each turn, there are 50 players from all over the world, in a fight for survival that lasts up to ten minutes.


The title has become a real fever among lovers of a good mobile game. To get an idea of ​​the success of the app, in 2018 alone, developers accounted for more than 180 million downloads of the game in official stores.

And what was already good, got even better with the updated Free Fire Max.

The news you find when you download Free Fire Max

Originally, the game has already attracted a lot of attention and a shower of praise over the internet for the fun it brought and for the series of resources made available. But this time, 111dots Studio’s studios turned the Free Fire Mod APK experience into something unforgettable.

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Breathtaking graphics

Enjoy varied scenarios on an island that seems to have been devastated, with a mix of natural landscapes and abandoned buildings, which certainly touch on our sense of survival. Fall in love with special effects and wonderfully fluid gameplay, all in stunning HD graphics.

Selection of creepy weapons

Life-and-death combat that deserves to be counted on with a variety of weapons of the most diverse lethalities. The Free Fire Max 2021 did not skimp and brought a list ranging from machetes to grenades, not to mention armed vehicles and many, many more machine guns and pistols.


And, if you want to know which weapon to walk on this island infested with enemies, we have made a shortlist with some suggestions and our favorites.

Dragunov:  equipped with a crosshair of up to 4X, this beauty is one of the few rifles in the game that allows you to attach any existing item to it, thus making it even more powerful. In addition, it has a very precise aim, high damage power, and is semi-automatic, which ensures that you do not need to take your eye out of sight with each shot.

Groza: a true beast with precision for all distances and absurd firepower. The Groza is, for many, the best weapon in the game, similar to AK, but even easier to manipulate.

MP40: a short barrel submachine gun that compensates for its lack of precision in long-distance shots with a lot of power and true bursts of low in short space, with a lot of stability. If you are a tight space camper, this may be your choice.


Crossbow: nothing like a sneaky weapon that allows you to kill your enemy without alarming others. After the update made last year, the beast became even more lethal with explosive arrows capable of breaking through walls of ice and much more intelligent, occupying the space of the second weapon.

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Desert Eagle: although it is below the firepower and mortality of the other weapons on our list, this pistol compensates for being much easier to find. In addition, it is very agile and with good firepower for close combat.

A plethora of special items

In addition to various and often hilarious items that can be used as a weapon, such as a frying pan. When you download Free Fire Max, you will still find many accessories to make your character unbeatable. Special sights, tanks, parachutes, health items are some of those things you can’t do without if you want to survive.

But in addition, if you want to have fun above all, the game does not disappoint either, with many very exclusive accessories.


Those we find most curious:

  • Blue dino: a fantasy in the best dinosaur style that will almost guarantee no advantage over most of your opponents, but that will undoubtedly bring laughter to everyone who comes across you;
  • Rabbit man hat: that’s right you read it. Again, this is a rare item and does not intend to provide much protection, but an original look , with a kind of hat with rabbit ears and beautiful pink hair.
  • Valentine’s Day Boot: another festive item, which at the time it was launched, required the player to play 5 ranked matches with a partner to unlock it. You may not get stronger with them, but elegance is guaranteed;


If you are one of the ones you do best within collaborative work, form teams with up to four players and be the only team to see the sunrise tomorrow. In Free Fire Max APK 2021, you will still be able to use an exclusive chat system for your team.

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Can you be the commander of your troupe and make sure everyone is safe and sound after the ten minutes have elapsed?

Exclusive Firelink technology

If you were already an old player of the game, don’t worry. With Firelink technology, it will be possible to connect to any version of the game without losing your progress, your player’s level, or even the special items you have purchased.


Even if you are just going to start your survival career in this incredible game, this technology will be very useful in the future, since the developers know of the great reception of the game by the community and, certainly, a lot of good things will still come.

Download Free Fire Max right now and find out if you have what it takes to live

Join now a community of millions of players worldwide and enjoy the best of a game of the highest quality, full of strategy, wonderful graphics, tension, and, of course, lots of action and entertainment for all tastes.

And, if you want to make the game even more customized to your taste, with exclusive news and lots of good stuff, you can check out this special recommendation, the LuluBox Mod APK, which we have already made in our space especially for this purpose.


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