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May 15, 2021
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DESCRIPTION about FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is an application available for smartphones compatible with the Android system. This is the mobile version of Filmora, an alternative version to Movie Maker and other very popular video editors. It has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play alone and is considered one of the most popular video editing apps today.

The platform is quite robust, but it is also known for a very peculiar feature: the non-addition of watermarks in the videos rendered by the app. Yes, we treat this as a resource because, traditionally, you would have to pay for it.


Which offers users a lot of conveniences. Who wouldn’t want to show their videos on social networks without any markup?

With it, it is even possible to use the application for use in your company or commercial project. Therefore, when using FIlmoraGo, your user is able to make several changes to your videos, such as editing music, creating movies, sharing videos, among other resources.

What is FilmoraGo?

In addition to being the mobile version of Filmora, Filmora Go APK is your portable video editor. Through it, it is possible to assemble and edit videos in a professional and fully personalized way.

With several pre-formatted resources, it is super easy to modify the aspects and message of your media through filters and themes that are practically ready. Basically, you have to copy and paste and, if you think it is necessary, move a scroll bar in order to make some more refined adjustments.

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By downloading FilmoraGo, you can:

  • Put together several clips about a trip, family, or party;
  • Add effects, soundtracks, dubbing, or narrative;
  • Practice your visual storytelling and tell stories on your social networks.filmorago-apk-latest-version

One of the coolest attributes of this app is the ability to cut your videos and add as many parts as you want. Thus, the parts that stand out the most end up gaining a larger context, and the end result of your work will be content full of personalization.

It is still possible to insert texts, textures of light, color, and even stickers, the famous stickers that became a fever of the new generation.

FilmoraGo features

Filmora APK is the ideal video editor for those who like to be in control of their editing, but do not give up some automatic features that can boost your productivity. That way, even a novice user may be able to create a very interesting video just with their good taste.

The basic version of the app has some predefined themes, which are seasonal. Other items can be downloaded as needed by the user. For this reason, Filmora does not take up as much space on your smartphone. You download only the basic features in the installation and, if necessary, you can download additional items on demand.

Below, we list some of the main features of FilmoraGo:

Powerful video editing – Count on a number of traditional video editing features such as zoom, split, speed adjustment and control, volume controls, and more. Also work with volume controls, sequentially adjust clips and rearrange, as well as scrolling clips. It is so much resource that you will be a little lost. But don’t worry, the learning curve is super short.

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Adding music and audio – Add tracks and sound effects to your clips to create more context. Work with multiple audio tracks for more editing freedom. Use predefined sound effects, voice recording, and splitting audio clips. Count on tools for copying, pasting, and audio removal.

Work with text and fixed elements – Use text resources to mark specific sections of your videos or as a design complement. You can add fixed elements and text to your video or photo, as well as use other fun elements, such as stickers.

If that weren’t enough, FilmoraGo still has animated texts and filters and overlays that are just fantastic. It’s great to have this diversity of resources without having to create things completely from scratch.

Make detailed adjustments – Everybody who views some video content loves to receive quality. Make fine adjustments with this app using brightness, contrast, temperature, clarity, vignette, and saturation controls.

Using the sliders you can configure each of these items and see how they will be reflected in your media in real-time. Even someone with little knowledge can have impressive results with the use of this tool.


Unlimited resources – A good product capable of delivering incredible results comes at a cost. However, paying for unlimited resources is still not something everyone is capable of. So, in order to take advantage of the most complete features, you would need to purchase a paid version.

However, by downloading the Filmora Pro APK, you have access to a full and free version of this application. Download now!

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Download FilmoraGo Mod APK – Unlocked

FilmoraGo is a very popular video editor, being considered one of the best options today. In addition to having a series of customizable features, you can also have access to other semi-ready products, which will make your editing much more productive, dynamic, and professional.

Download the modified version of this application right now and get access to the features of the Pro version absolutely for free. Download now and have one of the best mobile video editors in the world in the palm of your hand.


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