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Download ES File Explorer - latest version - for Android for free and finally manage to organize and manage all the documents on your phone in a few taps.
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April 12, 2021
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Our cell phones have become veritable vaults, carrying much of the most varied and important moments of our lives. They are family photos, that dream trip, small forgettable moments with your love and much more.

Furthermore, it is also where we store our most sensitive personal and professional data, such as bank passwords, digital cards, social networks. Our contacts, the people around us, everything is there.


So, surely you have already experienced situations in which it was not possible to share the photo you wanted, or simply did not find that video to send to a friend. It can, of course, be much worse, like not finding a professional file at the last minute.

If all of this makes sense, we present the ES File Explorer APK. As for the organization, you certainly have never even had a device as well sized as any one on which this application is installed.

Want to know more? We bring everything you need to know to have the best experience with ES File Explorer File Manager. We go to everything most important that it can offer to the most demanding users, when we talk about each thing in its respective place.

Why is ES Explorer File Manager the best?

The simple and effective answer to this question is practicality, which, obviously, unfolds in profitability, speed, tranquility and much more. After all, finding what you want and, or, need, without bagging or wasted time is priceless.

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Let’s list the best of ES File Explorer Manager:

  • Functions such as pasting, copying, editing at the touch of any file;
  • Folders designated, identified and configured to your taste;
  • High quality RAR compression and decompression;
  • Creation of encrypted files;
  • Remote function for you to access your PC content, via cell phone;
  • FTP and FTPS file management;
  • Transfer of SMBFiles files;

Really look like? In fact, it is barely some of the functions of what this powerful application can offer to all users. This even justifies the colossal number of downloads that are made daily from the application.

However, connoisseurs of the market that we are, it is common for us to ask ourselves about security, when the subject is to have virtually unrestricted access to our data and information, even the most confidential ones. Don’t be afraid, ES File Explorer Pro APK is incredibly perfect. After all, we wouldn’t bring it if it weren’t.

ES File Explorer: security and compatibility

We will, without hesitation, start from the most important subject, for any topic, but much more when we talk about something that has access to the data that we store on the cell phone: security.

Application security

Of course, it is not smart to guarantee access to unknown applications to our most intimate data, whether on your cell phone or on your computer. So, although there is a great offer of apps that promise worlds and funds in terms of organizing and optimizing your cell phone, a lot is, unfortunately, suspect.

Therefore, we decided to introduce this segment in our article. This is a warning to our readers that we would not, in any way, bring content that could represent, in any way, any kind of risk to what is stored on your device.

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In order to guarantee this quality and safety scenario, we run several tests with the applications or games we bring to ensure that the experience of what we speak is not only excellent, but also brings total security to the public, in this case, you – our reader .

And the ES File Explorer application does not have any strokes in this regard. No type of cloning of your data, malware or similar, very common in this type of app , has been identified.

Furthermore, as we said, the experience is really life changing. This is even more true for people who literally record their lives on their cell phones. It is priceless to find what you want, when you want it, in a few clicks, without stress.

Interested? But, does it work for your cell phone?


When it comes to compatibility, there’s much more to it than just whether an application runs on a particular phone model or not. We want, so that we can consider it compatible, that the app works in a fluid and efficient way, in a given scenario.

ES File Explorer Manager PRO is not only compatible with the Android operating system, but is also light enough to run on most cell phone models that run this system, even the least powerful ones.

But, again, we remember that this does not mean that the application does not provide the best in the subject. You will have the best features with the highest quality, even with an intermediate device.

Just access to Android 4.2 or higher. In addition, the ES File Explorer App also offers a recurring tradition of updates, which allows you to always have the best resources at hand to enjoy a robust and clean environment when it comes to taking care of your files.

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Download now ES File Explorer PRO

Forget the lack of resources when dealing with your most sensitive files, download the ES File Explorer Mod APK now and enjoy the mobile phone transformed in a maximum production environment.

It is your device, finally, full of organized, intuitive features that allow you to do what you want, when you want, without bureaucracy or limitations.

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