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Download FGO APK - latest version - free for Android. The RPG that won twitter and the hearts of many players around the world could be your newest challenge.
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Want to fall in love with an RPG? Meet the FGO APK.

A game that has surpassed, on twitter, classics like Fortnite and Pokemon Go and that brings together a world of collectibles, many powers, special effects and, without a doubt, guarantees many hours of fun for RPG lovers, This is the Fate Grand / Order APK.

Fate Grand Oder – the game

Developed by DelightWorks, the game takes place in the card game model, in which you – the Master – have at your disposal a series of servants to face combat with other players around the world, filled with magical effects.

fate grand order english
fate grand order english


In the visual romance style, the adventure takes place in turn-based combat, where each player receives five cards and must (or can) use up to three to plan and execute their attacks. A DM’s group of servants can consist of up to six individuals, three assets and three reserves, each battle.

Before we head into mechanics and, of course, bring you the tips you need to be a feared Master in this world, let’s take a quick look at the history of the game.

The history of the latest version of Fate Grand Order

The narrative takes place around an event of extinction of the human species to come. The Chaldea Security Organization identifies that a Japanese city – Fuyuki – and an old wartime event that took place there are behind the evil that is to come.

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fate grand order english apk
fate grand order english apk

The company, therefore, decides to resort to supernatural powers, with the help of magicians, to take a trip through time and try to prevent humanity from stopping inhabiting our planet. That’s where the powerful masters come on the scene.

The game is filled with mythical characters and lots of eye-popping fights. Even the well-known titles that, honestly, are worth checking out, such as the Date A Live Spirit Pledge Mod APK, which we already brought here, cannot match the FGO in several aspects.

Speaking of wizards, masters and jaw-dropping powers, let’s get to know a little more about what’s special about the game and, of course, bring you some tips so that you can start your endeavor in front of your competitors.

The mechanics you need to understand in FGO APK

Apparently, as in real life, in-game money is the first mechanic you need to know and master. The situation is not the simplest, since it is possible to count on different currencies.

fate grand order in english
fate grand order in english

As you might expect, through purchases you can unlock more powerful servants, buy special items, and advance your character and narrative development. Basically, we have three main currencies to understand.

Friends Points – FPs

This is the simplest form of money in the game and thus the easiest to obtain. However, don’t expect too much from the FPs, as they only work for you to summon level 1 to 3 servants, that is, the common ones. But, there are two tips you need to know here:

Tip 1: Although your deck may contain repeated cards from the same servant, which as a rule can be bad, since he is unlikely to be one of the powerful and rare characters, the repetition of the same servant makes overall, it has increased its power.

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Tip 2: The best way to get this coin is to be social. As the name implies, every time you select a hero from another player as a support for your team, before the start of a battle, you earn a good amount of FPs. So, make friends and use them.

fate grand order english mod apk
fate grand order english mod apk

Mana Prisms – MP

Another free currency that has, as a best feature, the possibility of being exchanged for innovation tickets. These, in turn, can be used in the Da Vinci Store to summon heroes of 4 and 5 stars, the most powerful and rare, which, otherwise, can only be obtained with the use of paid currency: Saint Quartz.

Tip: Save your MPs and exchange them for innovation tickets whenever possible. For every 20 of them, you’ll get one of those magical tickets at the store.

Saint Quartz

The premium currency of the game. The simplest way to get it, of course, is to buy with real money. It is essential to summon the main characters and obtain exclusive items. But, fortunately, it is not just through payment that you get it.

Tip: Never ignore special events and missions. Also, log in to the game every day. These are simple ways to be rewarded with some Saint Quartz without spending even a dollar.

fate grand order english mod
fate grand order english mod

Now, in a world where the choice of your heroes will make the difference between the life of a powerful master and a mere survivor (with luck), the choice of your characters deserves all the attention. We’ll take care of that now.

Our character choices in Fate Grand Order

Let’s already say that the game has a multitude of characters and also special items to be obtained. Thus, it would be impossible to name everything we think is best. But, we made some choices of servants.

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First, they are divided into several types, according to our table below.

Now, our choices:

Tier A → Altria Pendragon: the queen of the knights is a powerful archer who is among the best on the list. With an incredible ability to fire strong blows in a row, the powerful character still collaborates to make the lives of her other archers longer than usual.

fate grand order english update

Max HP: 14,553

Max ATK : 11,276

Tier B → Jeanne d’Arc (Alter): although she has a resistance that is not impressive, this powerful avenger has, simply, the most powerful attack in the game. So, little needs to be said, isn’t it?

fate grand order turas realta english

Max HP: 11,761

Max ATK : 13,244

Tier C → Abigail Williams: the stranger, evidently, does not gather the power of those who are at higher levels. However, it is a beautiful choice that has good results in all indexes, with the exception of its slow reloading. Thus, to get the best out of it, you need a well thought out scheme.

fate grand order english apk mod

Max HP: 13,770

Max ATK : 12,100

There’s a lot more that, honestly, wouldn’t even fit in an article about this complex and very fun role-playing game. But, now, you already have a north on the narrative and some tips to build your powerful team.

Download Fate / Grand Order for Android and become the savior Master of humanity

Run to our link and securely download this which, surely, will be your new favorite application. With the Fate / Grand Order APK Mod, the optimization and customization of your fantasy will simply have no limits and entertainment will be guaranteed with many colors, effects and magic.

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