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May 28, 2021
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EBONY APK: what’s the limit of your empire?

War games are always among the most successful genres in the game world . In particular, when we look at the most powerful platforms and consoles at the moment, they tend to figure as the most wanted and often most expensive titles on the market.

In fact, the fact that the best and most outstanding battle and conquest games are only available for this type of console, for high prices, is usually the biggest frustration for lovers of a war challenge. After all, you yourself must have already experienced various game s of these mobile and, for the most part – if not all – was disappointed, right?

As a result, we decided to search the entire Google store in search of an app that would offer the best of this world for mobile. Fortunately, it exists! Introducing EBONY APK: your next empire.

evony apk mod
evony apk mod

Get ready to finally have the best of epic confrontations, lots of strategy and decision making, with amazing graphics, mind-blowing soundtrack and lots of emotion. All this with a beauty that, until then, we only saw in specialized platforms for heavy games .

Let’s go to the game details.

The proposal of EBONY APK

The game goes back to the traditional and consecrated idea of ​​electing a people, with unique characteristics, advantages and difficulties, in order to start their own empire. This will require a lot of strategy to manage resources, recruit soldiers, build and defend cities, and, of course, a lot of warfare to expand their domains.

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Three great points are the key to the success of this application: the graphics, the soundtrack and the gameplay, which together allow a dynamic and very immersive experience, even for those users who are not yet very familiar with this genre of entertainment.


Carefully designed, the game brings together characters very well detailed and colorful, as well as professional animations for movements and special effects, which are abundant, especially in times of war. All this done in a very optimized way so that you don’t need a super cell phone to play a good game.

evony the king's return mod apk


The maddening rhythm of the songs created for the most varied situations of war and peace that you will experience in this adventure complement an immersion filled with entertainment and tension. It’s one of those games that you vibrate for the sound effects with every battle won.


An app with a proposal already consolidated in the market, innovative in the sense of bringing the best of this genre to a new platform, with top quality graphics and sounds, certainly wouldn’t sin when it came to running the whole thing.

So, expect a very fluid game , with lots of synchronization, without compromising your device’s stability and performance. In addition, the developers took care to place the commands in an always intuitive position, no matter what is happening at a given moment of the adventure.

So, even if you’re not exactly the greatest war general, you’ll quickly get used to the genre and the game itself, making it possible to have a lot of fun. And if you thought that was it, you were wrong. EBONY brought many other highlights.

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Some extra highlights from the latest version of EBONY

A complete game that offers, for the first time, a quality equal to the most famous titles from other consoles, this time for mobile. This is how we can summarize ÉBANO, which also includes the following differentials in its proposal:

evony mod apk download

  • A world of choice → choose the civilization that best suits your needs and tastes. There are more than seven unique cultures to customize your game’s architectural style, in addition to each of them having their own preserved characteristics. Some options are: American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean and Japanese;
  • Diplomacy → form powerful alliances with your friends – online – in order to protect your city and increase your chances of winning during your empire’s expansion battles. The app also allows you to use a real-time chat, with automatic translations into several languages, which also allows you to ally with people from all over the world;
  • Go to War → With over four troop types to select and train from destructive infantry to massive siege machines, you’ll enjoy loads of epic combat animations set on a world map;
  • Be the governor → there is not even a success story of a country or a culture that has been without good administration of resources and research for the development of techniques and discovery of tools that confer advantages in combat. Therefore, in addition to leading armies, you will also have to show your gifts as a ruler;
  • Anyway, be a king → count on the help – if you, of course, manage to convince them – of famous real-life generals in the expansion and protection of your empire in times of war. They will help you in fights all over the world, which you can watch and manage in real time;
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evony the kings return apk mod

So why wait any longer? The game already has a great acceptance on the Google store , with over ten million downloads worldwide. A real community of potential allies and enemies for you to meet.

Download EBONY for Android and become the next emperor of the world

Join warriors, strategists and monarchs from around the world in this adventure of war and diplomacy that has won the hearts of many players. Download EBONY Mod APK for free and show that, after all, your empire has always been and will always be the most powerful in this world.

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