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February 23, 2021
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Duskwood APK: Use your spy skills to save a girl’s life

It is already a tradition for us to search for mobile applications and games that, many times, go unnoticed by some of us, but that deserve attention, either for the fun they offer, or for the productivity they add to our lives.

In the world of games – the theme of today’s nomination – we realize that among the favorite genres are those of the narrative type. That is: games that contain a well-plotted plot, with one or more mind-blowing stories that allow us to make decisions and, thus, change the outcome of the stories.

Another type of game that is very requested by you – our readers – are those related to mysteries, investigations and criminal cases.


We have already brought both genres in abundance to this space, always with recommendations that meet the demanding standards of our readers. But this time, we are sure that we have something not only very good, but also unique, without much competition, even if the original proposal is known.

Have you ever wondered what our recommendation of the day is about?

Exactly! We present Duskwood : a game that brings together the best of narratives and decision-making in a mysterious, frightening and exciting criminal history. Get ready for one of the most addictive games you’ve seen around here. Shall we know more?

The Duskwood APK

The application is an interactive narrative game that, like many other titles out there, allows you to make decisions and, in this way, shape the course of history. So far, no news. However, he adds a series of mini-games to this, several other ways of interacting – such as SMS and other types of audios and messages – and much more.

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The story is still available in chapters, which, along with the broad communication channel that developers open to the app- loving community , allows the story to have directions and connotations faithfully adapted to everything that players most want to see.


The effort put into each detail of the game deserves our mention, although the detail and realism given to the investigative actions that are possible during the plot, without a doubt, are a show apart.

Speaking of positive points, let’s see a little more about them.

The good points of Duskwood

A strategy of approximation between the community that likes and that, in fact, plays the game constantly and the biggest interested in it – the developers – is the big and plausible bet here.

The idea seems to have worked so well for both sides that, hopefully, we will see it happen more often in future applications and games, both for mobile and for other platforms. Perhaps, we have taken another step towards finding the formula for success in the production of electronic entertainment titles in general. Now, some of the other highlights:

  • Impressive realism: both the story itself and the fact that the app takes place as if it were an integral part of the mystery, make for a unique and very engaging experience.
  • Spy mode : Act literally like a spy and sneak in private messages from suspicious residents and visitors who can help you unravel what’s going on in the city.
  • Additional content: as previously explained, episodes are often added with new twists and challenges so that the main plot and those that intersect in its development always remain invigorated.
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All this in the best style of a well-designed game, full of innovative ideas and many possibilities when making your decisions. But more than that, the puzzles and short stories that permeate the central idea make the mission delightfully complex.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you should be ready to try the app and try to solve this crime with your talents as a private investigator. But first, let’s bring you the last things you should know about the latest version of Duskwood.

Additional Duskwood Information

A game with a proposal explored in its most advanced details, with great mastery, intuitiveness and able to have fun for a long time. This description, which is quite faithful to what you will find in the game, gives the score of 4.5 on Google Play .

The game community, which is always growing, is also another highlight, popularizing the game that already has more than one million downloads made. In addition, given the possibility of actually participating in the future of the story, this guarantees a fresh air to the game with each new chapter released.


Finally, all of this is condensed into just 38M and only requires that you use a mobile device with the Android system, in any version that is equal to or greater than 4.4. In this way, even devices that are out of the range must provide a wonderful immersion and ensure your entertainment.

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