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June 10, 2021
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Being a game that is often played by many people a few years ago, Dragon City APK now comes with an impressive update. Not only in terms of appearance, changes in terms of gameplay, audio, to various dragon species are also updated.

This game, which was released in 2012, still has a place in the hearts of its fans to this day. More than 1 billion people have downloaded and played this game on their digital devices. To find out what are the changes from this game, see the following review.

Dragon City APK Short Review

As discussed earlier, this game has been released since 2012. The platform chosen to be able to play this game is Facebook. The reason is of course because Facebook users are one of the largest in the world. That’s why the platform was chosen.

Sure enough, at the end of 2012 Dragon City was ranked second of the top 25 games with the highest ratings on Facebook that year. Dragon City can be linked to Facebook and rewards dragon elements and 10 gems for in-app purchase transactions.

Until now, this game has undergone a lot of changes and adjustments. So it needs some adaptations for old players who want to replay this game. In addition, several features were added that slightly affect the gameplay of this game.

Gameplay-mod apk 2021

this mod version brings changes in several things, including the following:

  1. There is a tutorial for beginners who want to play this game.
  2. Allows for the acceleration of ranking increases.
  3. Can produce their own food.
  4. Can collect VIP Titan Dragon which is quite exclusive.
  5. Has a defense mechanism on the first attack.
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Some of these additions, although not too many, are enough to make the gameplay a little different and of course more exciting.

No Less Exciting Gameplay

Gameplay-mod apk latest version 2021

No wonder Dragon City APK can attract billions of people in the world. The reason is, this game does not need to work on crazy graphics and explosive combat action. But bring something simple but entertaining. What are the interesting things about this mod version of Dragon City?

  1. Can collect dragons completely.
  2. There are adventure updates every week.
  3. Build your own city and equip it with various magical buildings.
  4. There is an online battle mode that allows players to fight with anyone on the internet.
  5. Can produce food, breed dragons by interbreeding, making it possible to produce dragons with new abilities that are quite strong.

Game Details

The game is essentially about gathering an army of dragons in a city to be built. Dragon breeding aims to find new, powerful dragons. This strongest dragon will be chosen to fight against the strongest dragon from another city.

In the process of forming a new, stronger dragon, various fun in this game will also be presented. How not, giant dragons with a frightening impression at first are cute and adorable little dragons. It’s great to see them interacting with each other.

In addition, players can also build a city where dragons live. Players can build an upgraded building and produce food from the available lands. It was so exciting to build this dragon city, many players didn’t realize they had spent quite a while.

Tips for Getting Unlimited Gold and Gems for Beginners

1. Build Habitat

What to do first? Build a habitat by spending 100 gold and get XP from it.

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2. Breed

Tap the Get Egg button and get a Terra Dragon, then hatch it and place it in the Habitat.

3. Feeding the Dragon

Click on a Habitat to see what’s in it, then select one to feed it. Then click the bait button until the dragon grows to level 4.

4. Build Food Farm

From the farmland, players can grow food to feed the dragons. Click on the Food Farm and click on the Grow Food button and select the backyard gardener. It will grow 5 food and 25 XP in 30 seconds.

5. Daily Rewards

Collect daily rewards containing diamonds, food gold, and many other prizes.

6. Play regularly

Gameplay-mod apk latest version

If you play this game regularly and sequentially, players will receive additional bonuses in the form of gold, diamonds, and food. When the player continues to log in for 5 days then the player will get a Venom Dragon.

This is the last reward that can be obtained from playing in a row. Make sure not to break the combo if you want to get the reward.

7. Complete Goals

The player must complete the suggested objectives. This is a source of unlimited money, gold, diamonds, food, and XP. For entry-level players, there are simple and easy goals to complete.

8. Upgrade Items

Upgrade items purchased from the shop to increase their capacity.

9. Unlock the Greenhouse

The greenhouse will continue to produce food. Make sure to open it so players can start collecting food from it.

10. Start the Battle

Start the first battle in Quests, Leagues, and Arenas. Leagues and Arenas will open for battle once the player reaches levels 10 and 12. So, the player must start with the quest.

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Fight in colossal battle quests and win exclusive dragons. Meet the requirements for each battle and then fight for victory. The more quests won, the better the rewards will be.

How to Download Dragon City APK

To play this game, players can download it on the Google Play Store. However, the version on the Play Store is the original version and there will be no modifications as mentioned above. But don’t worry, because this site will provide it for free.

To download and install it, follow these steps:

  • Download the Dragon City APK file via the link below
  • After the download process is complete, then click install (Usually the file is stored in the Downloads folder in the File Manager application).
  • If the android system cannot install the application, please go to settings > additional settings > privacy > enable unknown sources.
  • If the installation process has been completed, then the Dragon City APK game can be played.


Playing Dragon City games is never boring. That’s because the gameplay is simple but very fun to keep playing. Especially with modifications without chat, making this game even more fun to play.

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