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May 12, 2021
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Cyberika APK: Show who the King is!

Today’s article is one of those games that cannot be left out of your wish list. For lovers of adventures in the open world, where missions and freedom go hand in hand, the world of Cyberika is an invigorating punk challenge, full of action and violence.

We have a lot to say – which is a good sign. So, no more bullshit and we will know why you should not be left out of this.

The proposal of the latest version of Cyberika APK

The game brings a traditional history of the genre, but with some new ideas that reinvigorate the style and offer many customization options for fans. In a city taken over by gangs and clans with very different principles (or lack of them), in a world where poverty has practically destroyed the state and its forces – like the police – surviving has become a task only possible for the strongest.

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Highly technological weapons, unique enhancement items, vehicles that are truly weapons, so powerful, in addition to the unusual (and, in the game, extremely powerful) possibility of transplanting technology to your body, making it, more and more, a true machine of struggle.

In this scenario, you are a humble punk who lives in a café isolated from the big center, with few resources, almost without skills, and therefore, destined to be eliminated from this new reality. But, your desire for life can change all of that. Do you have everything you need to win in life?

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Why play Cyberika?

We can tell the reasons in two different ways: the technical requirements and the experience that the game delivers. The good thing is that this title exudes quality in all aspects. Let’s start at the end, this time. That is, first, let’s talk about the immersion you will have in this game.

The challenge and the experience

A princípio, permanecer vivo. No entanto, o seu sonho é o de tornar-se o Rei das ruas, morar em uma bela cobertura na região central, ser respeitado e, até mesmo, temido por todos e possuir os maiores recursos, melhores armas e mais habilidades para ostentar o seu reinado.

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The problem is that there are a lot of people in the city with the same dreams. Thus, you will have to have the perfect balance between a lot of combat skills, good diplomacy to make the best contacts, good management of your resources to obtain the best weapons, and much more.

You will have to face:

  • Deadly combats → a combat mechanic totally redesigned and that guarantees, in addition to emotion, the perfect balance between technology and the player’s ability to determine a winner;
  • Gangs and a lot of mafia → it’s not just about killing or dying. Much of what you crave most, a life of luxury and power, goes through permissions and negotiations with groups that, not always, will be willing to give in to your tastes;
  • Lots of technology → The Cyberika universe has technology as its backdrop for the narrative. Thus, it is necessary to run to equip yourself, whether with weapons, with luxury, with cybernetic implants, or whatever else you can, to face threats;
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Ah, you can choose the side of justice too. But make no mistake: the difficulties, if they are not redoubled, will certainly not be less. After all, applying the law in a chaotic world where police forces are deteriorating in the face of so many criminals is no simple task.

Did you have an idea of ​​what is to come? But, it’s not over yet. The franchise is working hard to model a multiplayer style of play, in which you will not only have to deal with artificial intelligence in combat and negotiations but with humans. And you already know how we are, don’t you?

Technical Highlights

If you imagine a game in the style of the GTA franchise and, add to it, much more speed, super-tech weapons, futuristic costumes, powerful implants, among others, you can get an idea of ​​the quality of graphics that will be necessary to be successful. Well, the graphics are incredible.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the impressive special effects during races, battles, and the use of certain weapons and items. The immersion is also greatly benefited by the best of the soundtrack, which has some famous sounds from Magic Sword and Power Glove, among others.

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It is worth mentioning that a good phone is essential to enjoy all the best that the game offers without those undesirable crashes since we are talking about a title that delivers high quality. Nothing fairer than demands high performance.

The game development system – with the Slurp Shop – is also very intuitive and allows you to buy your upgrades, whenever you have the money for it, of course. However, this is not one of those games where fun and success invariably depend on putting your hand in your pocket. Missions, thefts, negotiations, and factions allow you to achieve – albeit with a lot of effort – everything you need to live.

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And, since multiplayer is coming (soon), how about getting ahead and gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to be the new King of the street (or of the city)?

Download Cyberika for Android and live this incredible street war

Just like we were, you must also be crazy to download Cyberika APK for free. And you already know that we have the solution. Take advantage of our exclusive Cyberika APK Mod, which brings in just a few clicks all this emotion and adrenaline that the game offers.

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Are you the most feared punk of the band? Or, still, is it able to enforce the law in a place taken by crime, corruption, greed, as well as uncontrollable technological weapons? Time will tell. And you can also tell us, of course, in the comments.


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