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March 19, 2021
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Cube Surfer: find out if you are a person with good motor skills having fun

We are very addicted to games and mobile applications, as you already know. And if you – our reader – don’t miss our posts, you probably are. We always bring a lot of games that catch our attention for different reasons and today we have one more highlight: the Cube Surfer APK.


But, before you go ahead and find out everything we have to say about this game , here’s a very important warning: it’s one of those games that you’re going to get addicted to. In other words, lunch hours, before going to sleep, even the escape to the bathroom will certainly be accompanied by yet another game.

Warning given, let’s get to know a little about the game’s proposal, what makes it so addictive and what you need to do to make this app your new adventure companion. Ready? Here we go!

The latest Cube Surfer proposal

The game is very reminiscent of the great classics that propose the player to follow a winding track, full of obstacles, at high speed, in order to cross the finish line without any accident.

But, to spice up the challenge a little more, this time, the player must still balance on top of a cube, literally, as proposed by the name of the app , surfing on it. The countless obstacles are also formed, like the nostalgic Lego, by cube shapes.

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Time to look at the details in order to detail what is so striking about this colorful and very exciting adventure. After all, a game that receives this kind of praise has to stand out in fundamental aspects.


The graphics are very colorful, with smooth movements – but, at very high speed in the most challenging levels – and bring a touch that mixes realistic movement and cartoon. In addition, it is noticeable the care applied in small points, such as the character’s balance, the visibility of the game and the perspective as you approach each obstacle.

In many ways, to be quite honest, it is safe to say that the Cube Surfer graph is not only a decisive component for a good assessment, but surpasses other platforms more powerful than cell phones.


There is no denying that a game is not complete if it does not have a good soundtrack, in addition to effects that characterize certain movements, enemies, obstacles, among others. Here, you can expect music that accompanies what you are experiencing, characteristic and pleasant sounds for the different situations of each match.



A challenge that is able to tell how skillful you are or not makes gameplay an essential aspect and deserves all the attention. Well, the Cube Surfer is extremely accurate when touching your device’s screen. This gives perfection in every movement to an impressive, easy and intuitive level of excellence.

If you fall off the cube or hit any kind of obstacle, my friend, I’m sorry to inform you, but it will have been due to lack of practice.

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Before discovering, now, what you need to run this fantastic game, let’s bring up some specific points about the game. This way, you will know a little more than what awaits you in this adventure.

Main features of Cube Surfer

We have listed below the best you can expect from the game:

Several stages → as you stand out and pass one, another more challenging one will be ready for you;
Several cubes → there are 9 different cubes selections that increase the difficulty and the emotion of each stage of the game ;
High fidelity → precise movements that simulate both the balance and the character’s curves;
Vibrant colors → the phases, cubes and obstacles are always very colorful, in different shades, which make each level always very attractive to the eye;
Game off and online → play with or without internet, without problems, anywhere, at any time you wish;


This whole package gives Cube Surfer APK everything it needs to become its new addiction to mobile games. In addition, it is easy to install, has a good reputation and does not demand much from your device, as we will see below.

Technical data and other information

The game is compatible with the Android operating system, starting with version 4.4 and can be run by many devices without any bottlenecks in performance or battery life. In addition, it requires only 48 Mb to be installed.

The official Google store rating is 3.8, with more than ten million downloads and almost 100,000 reviews by users around the world. The game also receives constant updates, which makes it always full of news and new challenges.

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It is undoubtedly an excellent choice to kill that free or idle time that we all have in some moments of our days, whether in a queue, during a lunch hour or in another waiting situation.

Download Cube Surfer for Android

Time to start the action and make the Cube Surfer APK Mod free download and show all over the internet how well you can balance yourself on top of a cube, in phases flooded with exciting challenges.

Don’t forget to leave in the comments what you think of the game. In this way, we can always bring content related to your tastes – our readers.


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