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How to install Cooking Simulator Mobile: Kitchen & Cooking Game?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Install the Split APKs Installer application

3. Open the application and click on "Install APKs".

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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Culinary realities like MasterChef, Top Chef and Cake Boss have taken hearts and minds by transforming amateur cooks into semi-professionals. The stories and characters shown, showed so much dedication and passion for cooking that they conquered a legion of followers and practitioners of the art of flavors.

cooking simulator mobile apk

And as these cooks “came out of the closet”, other people, perhaps not so aptly, started looking for games on the topic. Among the countless options available, one of the best, if not the best is Cooking Simulator.

What is Cooking Simulator?

This is a franchise of cooking simulation games. Thus, several versions of the game are spread across devices such as PC, Android, Steam, among other mobile devices. The game’s maker is the famous PlayWay SA. The company has played good games in recent years, such as the famous Ultimate Fishing Simulator.

How does Cooking Simulator work?

The basic premise of the game is to execute the recipes requested by the customers. You will receive a command, you must take a preparation container, the ingredients and execute a dish. It can be a sweet, savory dish, starter, main course or dessert.

cooking simulator mobile kitchen & cooking game

At each stage, a recipe is available. You can acquire them according to your level of experience, such as the coins accumulated and earned for each successful execution. At the beginning, an assistant will assist you in moving around the kitchen, choosing dishes, spices and ingredients.

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The left side of the screen is used for directional movement and the right helps you in your field of view. At first, you will be a little surprised, but during the matches, the movement is very fluid.

How to prepare a dish with Cooking Simulator Mobile?

For each match, you will receive an order. Each dish has a maximum preparation time, that is, it is variable. The faster the preparation, the better your performance.

Generally, the beginning of each recipe calls for one or more utensils for crockery, main ingredients and seasoning. At the end of each dish, you must take it to the corner of the room where the deliveries are made.

cooking simulator mobile kitchen and cooking game

As you progress through the game, the dishes become more complex. That is, they will need more ingredients or spices, or, moreover, changes in their texture, cuts, etc. That’s when the walk through the kitchen gets more and more frantic.

Available ingredients and equipment

When carrying out your experience with Cooking Simulator, whether for Android or PS4, you will have a complete kitchen at your disposal. There are stoves, knives, mixers, blenders, ovens, pans, dishes, cutlery and many others.

In all, the game offers more than 140 ingredients for you to explore your skills as a chef. Among them are meats, vegetables, fish and fruits. The spices go beyond just salt and sugar, relying on condiments and herbs to boost flavors, like a true alchemist.

Realistic experience

The most interesting aspect of this game is the simulation. He’s super-realistic. The result of your actions, impacts, positively or negatively on the result of each revenue. Thus, if you prepare too much salt in a dish, your performance points may be reduced, if it is lacking, the same can happen.

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Something very motivating is to observe the transformation of the ingredients into attractive and succulent dishes. Meats via steaks, potatoes becoming purees and fruits forming complete salads. As you learn the processes, your dishes will come out much faster and much more delicious.

Game in Career mode

It is possible to play Cooking Simulator in Career Mode. In this game mode, your challenge will be a kind of culinary journey. There, the task is to direct his career to stardom, in search of fame to fill his restaurant.

The start is very basic, with the gradual unlocking of recipes, your fame will be expanded, as well as your experience. By mastering each recipe and establishing a more effective process flow, several advantages, such as new equipment, are released.

Play in Sandbox mode

If you are not interested in Career Mode, you can play in Sandbox mode. This mode is free and it is possible to prepare the recipes and mix the ingredients the way you want. There is no pressure and no set time. There, you are the boss.

how to play cooking simulator

Enjoy playing, throwing knives, changing the cutting boards, in short, the kitchen is yours!

Cooking Simulator APK

Cooking Simulator is an excellent mobile cooking game. The most impressive aspect, without a doubt, is the gameplay. The preparation of the dishes really simulates what is done in the real world and spawns the simulation game for Android.

Enjoy the Cooking Simulator APK for Android to make amazing dishes that can be played in the real world.

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