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March 20, 2021
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What is Brasfoot 2021 APK?

Brasfoot 2021, or simply Brasfoot 21, is a mobile application available for Android platforms. It is a sports simulator that is part of the game franchise of the same name. It is produced by BF Game. In it, the user’s mission is to manage a football team. He must compete in national and international championships as a coach, but also as a manager (or top hat). Thus, the purchase, sale, and loan of players will be a constant reality.

The app is very light, being compatible with most Android devices. The graphics are simple but effective. With that, the developers decided to focus on gameplay, which is the great attraction of the game, both on mobile and PCs.

How does Brasfoot 21 work?

The application allows you to assume a dual role. That is, he should act both as the top hat (or president) of the club, but also as a coach. This creates an initial challenge, as in addition to having to hire players, you are also responsible for administrative issues while preparing and scaling your team for tactical and strategic challenges.

baixar brasfoot 2021 apk mod

You will assume a dual function. He will be the president of the club, but he must also act as a coach. This creates a complex initial challenge, because, in addition to being concerned with the physiological issues (strength, energy, and characteristics), techniques, and tactics of your team, you will have to see and review administrative issues.

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These issues include negotiating players’ salaries (so that they remain on your team), expanding or reducing contracts, managing the stadium and expanding it, casting Juniors, making sieves to attract new talent, among many other challenges.


Each team, as usual, belongs to a league. Depending on it, at least in Brazil, it will make you compete in state, regional and national championships. Other championships can also be included (with the acquisition of Premium features), among them, we have:

  • America’s Libertadores Cup;
  • UEFA Champions League;
  • Club World Cup.

Whether you’re in the role of coach, one or more of your players can be called up for a World Cup, Euro, or Copa America match.

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While playing, you will notice the existence of a ranking of coaches and clubs. Your mission is to make your club reach the top and you, as a good coach, be recognized as one of the best and, with that, you can fly higher.


The graphical potential of the updated Brasfoot 2021 for Android is immense. However, the developers chose to make the application as simple as possible. The focus, since the beginning, has been to elevate the experience at the expense of graphic sophistication. In short, you will not miss anything.

Menu layout and functions

Brasfoot 2021 apk has five menus. They do not have a specific name in the mobile version, they are just symbols:

  • Soccer ball. Represents the game functions. This is where your team will fight against their opponents;
  • It deals with administrative and data display issues, such as classification and games, games of your team, and scoring of friendlies;
  • Displays panels of teams, stadium, juniors, search, and finance;
  • Cup. Displays the ranking of groups and coaches, the list of champions, the top scorers and teams of the round, and the team of the year.
  • Rescue settings, preferences, resignations (technicians and managers), updates to the Premium package (Brasfoot 2021 Premium APK), and developer information.
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brasfoot 2021 apk mod

As we saw above, the Android version does not yet have exactly organized access buttons. However, this order is extremely effective in the course of the matches.

Team settings

Within the “judge’s menu”, it is possible to access the “times” option. It is possible to choose the teams that belong to your division or search for others present in different divisions.

There, we will see the list of players, their age, position, number of goals (positive and negative), in addition to metrics of annual salary strength and the player’s market price.

When you press your finger on a player, other options are available. In the first, options for selling the athlete at auction or at a fixed price are listed. The amount of the severance penalty is also present.

In the next option, we have the contract amendments. The final date of the current contract is displayed and a new salary may be proposed, as well as the duration of the partnership with the sportsman.

There is also the possibility of retiring a player. When performing this action, a new member of the youth squad will be integrated into the group. The position and name of the new player can be selected in advance.

brasfoot 2021 premium apk

The last option enables the selected athlete to remain on the loan list, that is, sportsmen who can be assigned to another group for a specified period.

Brasfoot 2021 Premium APK

But in addition to the free version of the application, BF Game also offers the possibility for the user to update the application with the addition of Premium features. That version extra options described below:

  • Play with multiple leagues;
  • Change the league system;
  • Play international competitions;
  • Make a proposal on any player;
  • State play;
  • Scoring friendlies.
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According to the game vendor, the upgrade to receive the premium features of the app requires a one-time installment payment.

As not all users may be able to take advantage of the possibilities of upgrading Brasfoot, some independent developers have created an alternative version of the application.

brasfoot 2021 atualizado

This new version has all the features present in the original. Its biggest differential is the offer of additional items completely free of charge. This is the Brasfoot 21 Premium Mod APK.

Download brasfoot 21 Premium Mod APK right now. It has unlimited resources, preserves all the functionality of the original, and is completely free. An additional opportunity to evolve in the game and have a lot more fun.

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