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Are you ready for a super fun run race? Blob will be your favorite runner of all times!
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June 11, 2021
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Blob Runner 3D APK: Endless fun for slime lovers

The slimes were a sensation recently in various places of our country and for many still are. Colored and viscous jellies, which mold themselves the way we want and which, at times, even seem to have therapeutic purposes, especially for hyperactive children.

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Well then. Behold, technology has given us an upgrade in the concept. Introducing Blob Runner 3D: a giant and highly customizable slime in a very colorful and challenging race. If you are looking for that game to enjoy, laugh and have a relaxing time, you are in the right place.

Even more, it may be the recommendation you were looking for to have a little peace of mind to see that your naughty son entertained for hours on end with safe content. It’s fun for many tastes. Curious? Let’s learn a little more about the application below.

Inside the latest version of Blob Runner 3D

The idea of ​​the game is a race, not necessarily against opponents, but against a slime, which needs to reach the endpoint as large as possible. For this, it is possible to collect, during the courses, pieces of plasticine that are automatically added to the character, making him bigger.

However, there are also a multitude of obstacles that, when hit, steal a piece of plasticine from your slime, reducing its size. At the end of each race, there is a challenge that can only be completed if you are a certain size. Otherwise, you will need to run the race again.

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The game mechanics are quite simple. However, this is calculatedly designed, since the game clearly seeks to be a form of light entertainment that offers a challenge, but that sticks to the focus of fun, without causing too much frustration for users. How does he do it? We will see.

The Features of Blob Runner 3D

It could be another level runner game, like so many others. Some have even been analyzed in this space, such as Cube Surfer. But when you download Blob Runner 3D for free, you immediately realize the developers’ bet on a specific, simple recipe that, although obvious, seems to go unnoticed by many developers of this style of game: fun.

It’s not about complexity, loads of collectibles, hard-to-beat enemies and huge maps. In fact, the objective is to make the user laugh and entertain, which is very well delivered thanks to the care in the key points for the game’s success.


We’ve already explained that simplicity is the key ingredient in this recipe. Thus, the gameplay could not be other than easy. The plasticine doll runs automatically and your responsibility is to ensure that it dodges the various obstacles.

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Sideways yaws, crouching (almost lying down), jumping, and much more. Your skill, up to a certain level, will be put to the test. However, always with a lot of fun. The game is intuitive and serves the purpose of entertaining for many ages and various situations.


Perhaps one of the most beautiful graphics in the genre. The animations are very fluid, without exaggeration, but in a way to ensure that you have a very addictive experience. The great jelly’s maneuvers are, without a doubt, a spectacle in itself. The concept is simple, but always very well executed.

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Although there’s nothing super spectacular, like what we’ve already listed about other key points of the game, the songs follow, in a way, its rhythm and don’t compromise the fun. The end result is very good.

Other highlights

Another aspect that caught our attention was the customization of Mr. Geleia, as we call him. You can customize it and leave it with your face, or rather, the way you find fun. There are a variety of hats and other accessories that will make you, if not elegant, very funny.

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This collaborates, along with other prominent aspects of the game, for an even lighter, fun, funny experience that, above all, does not make us sick quickly, as commonly occurs in many titles in this genre.

Time for the verdict.

Conclusion on Blob Runner 3D

One of the titles that can’t be missing on cell phones for people looking for a way to kill time with fun, with games that don’t demand much from the user, such as strategies or even fighting. Perfect for all ages, Blob Runner 3D APK is the recommendation you were looking for to have fun, laugh and spend that dead time in queues or on public transport.

How about drawing your own conclusions?

Download Blob Runner 3D for Android and laugh with a light and fun game

Take advantage of our links right now and download the free Blob Runner 3D to be surprised by this very funny and extremely addictive proposal. With our Blob Runner 3D APK Mod, you have the best of the game’s content, in order to ensure that your entertainment is complete and always at hand, on your mobile screen.

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Don’t forget to leave in the comments your opinion about our nomination and say if for you, as we see happening with many in our studio, the app has also become almost a therapy for the most stressful moments. Also take advantage of the space to ask for reviews or tips about games or apps.

We are always ready to bring you the best content.

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