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8 Ball Pool Mod APK. One of the best pool / billiard simulators for Android. Last modified version of the game with infinite money. Advance in the game without interruptions and without ads.
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April 13, 2021
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In the world, there are several snooker and billiard players hidden in bars and restaurants. However, there are thousands of lovers of this sport who have smartphones and who would like to have electrifying disputes with opponents from all over the world.

8 Ball Pool is a very cool game to be played among friends. It has countless different tournaments and a very captivating “career mode”. Your goal should be to beat your enemies one by one and achieve stardom and financial independence.

What is the 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool is a pool game available for Android and one of the publisher’s choices within Google Play. When installing the game, right away you understand why it is a very favorable choice.

8 ball pool apk
8 ball pool apk


First of all, it is an extremely simple game. To play, you basically need to execute two commands: the direction of the club and the intensity of the shot. However, 8 Ball Pool surprises by the different game modes: 1 against 1, Special game, Mini-games, Play with friend, among others.

What is the game dynamics?

In addition, the game also has its own dynamic of awards, locations to be released, classification, free rewards and purchase of clubs. He still uses his own currency, but he also uses real money for the acquisition of VIP points. You can get money for free by viewing ads.

How does the game work?

When choosing to play in standard mode, an opponent is drawn. Each match has a different opponent, usually at a level similar to yours. This ensures good gameplay and gives you time to develop your learning curve as a player.

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8 ball pool apk unlimited coins anti ban
8 ball pool apk unlimited coins anti ban

Each player has a predetermined playing time. Initially, its function is to knock down the smooth or mixed balls, but it depends a lot on the game mode. To win, the player must play by putting all his balls into the pocket.

If you lose, you can ask the opponent for a rematch. This action can be accepted or not by your opponent, being entirely his decision. If your order is denied, you will have to start a new game.

Much more than simple matches

As you win the matches, you will unlock new cities. Each of them has a limited number of games that can be played. If you win all the games in town, you will receive a ring. In addition, you can receive a prize in VIP coins. But remember that to compete in each city, you need to pay a registration fee. Thus, it is interesting to enjoy all the games in the cities in which you are already registered.

8 ball pool apk unlimited coins
8 ball pool apk unlimited coins

As the game progresses, you will notice that your opponents will make more complex plays or that they will hit more balls. Don’t be intimidated. Focus on the game and its hits. Sometimes, opponents make mistakes and create, even if unintentionally, excellent opportunities.

Main features of the game

An efficient pool simulator. It’s like playing sinua in real life. For those who like billiards or snooker style, you will identify a lot with the 8 Ball Pool APK. The physics of the game, that is, the response of the ball to the stroke intensity together with the position of the pitch is very reliable and is one of the strengths of the game.

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Unlimited gameplay. Yes, you can play pool (or billiards) with your friends or with different opponents from around the globe. It is the PVP at its maximum level!

Awards. At each different location, there are different challenges. However, each of them reserves, in addition to the prizes per match, winner rings, pool cues as a reward, skill improvements and several other upgrades.

8 ball pool apk old version
8 ball pool apk old version

Earn many more coins. Larger events are a big risk for any player, but they can also be a huge opportunity. In 8 Ball Pool Mod APK, you participate in several tournaments and can advance to higher levels together with your opponents. That is, that same opponent that you had at the beginning of the game, can evolve with you and face you in an epic battle for championship leadership.

Tacos as far as the eye can see. Buy countless clubs with different characteristics. They are clubs of different colors, sizes, nationalities and different potentials. Choose wisely and according to your style of play.

Raise your practical and strategic level with the 8 Ball Pool APK. The game contains one of the best multiplayers in its category, being hailed by thousands of users.

8 Ball Pool – Infinite Money

The gameplay of 8 Ball Pool is indisputable. It is, absolutely, one of the best games of its kind available on Google Play. Quality graphics, simple and to the point gameplay and still has an excellent career context, multiplayer, among other numerous positive factors.

8 ball pool android
8 ball pool android

However, the game does require you to watch some ads so you can purchase the much desired custom tacos. At first, this functionality is quite interesting, but over time, they can become an obstacle in the game, causing friction to their development.

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Thus, the alternative version of the game may be a good option for those who wish to advance their learning process more quickly. The 8 Ball Pool Mod APK is a modified version, without ads and that contains infinite money, allowing greater fluidity of the game and fast achievement of the biggest objectives.

Download the 8 Ball Pool mod APK right now!

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